Palworld: How To Activate Partner Skills

Learning how you can activate and use the Partner Skill your Pal has in Palworld can help you during combat, completing tasks, and also while exploring.

Palworld has quickly become the most popular open-world survival game, selling 8 million copies in less than 6 days. Needless to say, this is due to the fact that the game offers a plethora of features that keep the players interested. One of the key elements of this game are the creatures, also known as ‘Pals’.

These little creatures can be captured and further used to complete various tasks around your base. Players can also eliminate them to get the raw food items they drop. Additionally, they can also be used during combat. When you capture a Pal, you can check their profile and see the various skills they have. Other than Passive and Active Skills, Pals will also have Partner Skills. Here’s everything you need to know to understand more about this unique ability and how you can activate it to harness special bonuses.

What are Partner Skills in Palworld

Although Partner Skills can be considered similar to Active and Passive Skills, players will be able to unlock more than 120 Partner Skills. These special abilities are different for every Pal. For example, Lamball has the Fluffy Shield ability, on the other hand, Vanwyrm can let you use the Aerial Maurader ability. However, Chikipi’s special ability is to lay eggs. It is important to note that though some of these skills will be used automatically, most of them need to be activated or unlocked.

Unlock and use Partner Skills and level up in Palworld
Partner Skills can help you unlock special abilities and powers in Palworld (Image Source – Pocketpair)

How to Activate Partner Skills in Parworld

In order to simply activate the Partner Skill, players will have to hold the specific key that will be displayed towards the bottom of your screen, whenever you cast a particular Pal. However, you will notice that some of these abilities have to be unlocked in order to activate their uses or powers.

Therefore, to unlock it you will have to meet certain requirements based on that particular skill. For example, you can’t ride Nitewing unless you have crafted the Nitewing’s Saddle to unlock the mount feature. To use Foxparks’ unique ability, you will have to unlock Foxparks’ Harness.

Similarly, you can get these items under the Technology tab and you will have to use your Points to purchase them. Additionally, you might also have to craft some of the items you have purchased to activate the unique skill.

This is everything you need to know about how you can unlock and activate Partner Skills in Palworld. You can also continue reading about how you can have multiple Pals out and how you can get weapons for Pals and yourself in Palworld, right here on Gamer Tweak.