Palworld Guns: How to Get Weapons for Pals and Yourself

Unlocking the best weapons can make you powerful but there are ways to get your Pals guns in Palworld too.

Since Palworld has gained a reputation as Pokemon with guns, you’re probably wondering how to get your Pals guns in the game too. While you can totally play the game using the abilities of Pals and make the most of your bow and arrows, using better weapons to the mix can add a fun and strategic element to combat.

There are two ways to get guns in Palworld: crafting the gun for yourself or unlocking Pal-specific guns. We’ll take you through both of these methods in this guide.

How to give Guns to your Pals in Palworld

So, the first Pal you need to catch is a Tanzee. At level 12 under Technology, you will see Tanzee’s Assault Rifle which is a craftable item. You need x5 Ingots, x15 Stones, x15 Wood, and x10 Paldium Fragments to create it which can be easily done.

how to get assault rifle pal in palworld
Image via The Ginger Empire

As the description states, this AR is specifically made for Tanzee. When you activate its Partner skill, Tanzee will enter gunner mode and start shooting at any enemies that are nearby.

how to get tanzee assault rifle
Image via The Ginger Empire

The Pal Gear Workbench is where you can craft Tanzee’s Assault Rifle when you have collected enough resources. Once done, you are ready to unleash hell upon enemies!

Now, Lifmunk is another Pal that looks cute but can be a nightmare. When you unlock Lifmunk’s Submachine Gun at level 11 in Technology with x5 Ingots, x10 Stones, x20 Wood, and x10 Paldium Fragments, you can build it at the Pal Gear Workbench.

how to get submachine gun pal palworld
Image via Gam ing with Abyss

Then, whenever you wish to use Lifmunk and its shooting skills, spawn it via your Pal Sphere and activate its skill. It will leap into your head and follow up your attacks with its SMG.

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How to Get a Gun for Your Own Character in Palworld

While you can use your bow and arrows, you will have to upgrade to better weapons once you start facing tougher enemies, and here’s how to unlock a gun for yourself.

First, level up your character to level 20. Once that’s done, check your Technology Tab and look for the Weapon Workbench which requires x15 Ingots, x50 Wood, and x10 Nails to craft.

Now keep playing and leveling up until you get your hands on the first weapon in Palworld and that’s the Musket Gun. It’s a simple, old-fashioned gun that takes a long time to load and requires x25 Ingots, x5 High Quality Pal Oil, and x30 Wood.

how to unlock first gun musket

Craft the Musket and you are ready to use it yourself or equip it to a Pal to shoot at enemies in battles.

All Weapons List in Palworld

how to unlock and craft weapons for yourself in palworld
Image via Pocketpair

If the Musket is not as good as you expected, don’t worry – there are more weapons available in the game as of the early access version. The below table has all the resources you need to craft them and the levels at which they will unlock. Note that the requirements get heavier and heavier so you will have to grind quite a bit to get there.

Level Palworld Guns Materials You Need to Craft Weapons
21 Musket 25 Ingot
5 High Quality Pal Oil
30 Wood
25 Makeshift Handgun 35 Ingot
10 High Quality Pal Oil
30 Fiber
29 Handgun 50 Ingot
15 High Quality Pal Oil
36 Single-shot Rifle 20 Refined Ingot
5 Polymer
39 Double-barreled Shotgun 30 Refined Ingot
7 Polymer
42 Pump-action Shotgun 30 Refined Ingot
20 Polymer
40 Carbon Fiber
45 Assault Rifle 40 Refined Ingot
10 Polymer
30 Carbon Fiber
49 Rocket Launcher 75 Pal Metal Ingot
30 Polymer
50 Carbon Fiber

And there you have it! This is how to get a gun for yourself and also arm your Pals with weapons in Palworld. While you are navigating the world and fighting off new dangers in every corner, you might want to know which are the best ground and flying mounts to travel across the map quicker than before. Here are our suggestions for the fastest ones to capture.