How Many Bases Can You Have In Palworld?

Wondering how many bases you can have at once in Palworld? Don’t worry here is everything you should know about it.

In Palworld, when you capture a Pal you can use it not only for combat in battles but also as a helper to build and maintain your base. But as there are different biomes for you to explore, it can become a hassle to each time go back to your home base after you are done with your exploration session, even though there is fast travel. As such the next conclusion you will come to is why not make another base. So before you go ahead and start making a new one, here is how many bases you can have at the same time and if you can move your existing base.

How Many Bases Can You Have in Palworld at Once?

Palworld Maximum Base Limit And How To Move Them
Image Credits: Pocketpair

You can have 3 main bases at the same time, while you can have as many secondary bases as you want. Allow me to elaborate on what I mean by main and secondary bases.

One of the most important things that makes a Base optimally functional is a Palbox. This is because not only does the Palbox have a large radius to help you determine the size of your base, but most importantly it is this structure that you use to manage your Pals.

Using a Palbox you can get your Pals to work for you no matter if you want them to gather some resources for you or build something. Your Palbox even acts as a Fast Travel point.

Considering how useful it is the game only gives you 3 of it. You get your first Palbox early on in the game while the other two you need to unlock as you level up. Reach Palbox level 10 to unlock your second Palbox and level 15 to unlock the final third one.

Now, whenever you want to set up another main base you can place a new Palbox and get your Pals to help you with its building.

As for what it means by secondary base, this is something you can create countless times. The only problem is you have to do the labor manually. Since there are no more Palbox left after you use all three of them you can’t assign your Pals the tasks. Leaving you to do everything, or to move one of your existing bases.

How to Move Your Base

If you no longer like any of the bases you previously made, you can easily move them.

  1. Open your map and hover over the base that you want to move.
  2. Press and hold the Disassemble button.
  3. Finally, check the pop-up warning to see what all moves and if you are sure about the disassembly. Click on Yes if you are okay with it.

The good thing is when you disassemble a base all of the Pals working there return to the Palbox. I suggest you check our detailed guide on it moving a base to see everything that you lose and that you can keep when you move a base.

That is all for how many bases you can have in this game and how you can make new or move existing ones. For more on Palworld be sure to also check our guides on how to level up fast, heat up egg incubators, rename your Pals, and more.