How To Level Up Fast In Palworld – Increase Stamina, Weight, And Upgrade Pals

Want to unlock new technologies but are stuck on a lower level? This is how you can get XP Fast in Palworld and level up quickly.

Palworld is as much a survival game as it is focused on catching monsters. When you start the game, you can find wild Pals everywhere, and there is much to do. But if you don’t prepare yourself soon, you won’t be able to take on the complex challenges the game has ahead for you. Worry not all of this can be easily handled as you level up. This not only gives you access to stronger Pals, but you also have better technology to work with. So here is the best XP farming method to quickly level up in Palworld so that you can not only upgrade your Pals but also increase your Stamina, Weight, and other stats.

How to Level Up Fast in Palworld

Catch 10 Pals Of Same Species For Extra EXP To Level Up Fast In Palworld
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The best way to level up steadily, especially in the early game, is to capture 10 Pals of the same species. Of course, finding new Pals is a good thing, but this isn’t as reliable since there are only around 139 known Pals in the Paldeck. So here is a complete breakdown of all the things you should be doing to farm XP:

Complete Tutorial Tasks

When you start the game, you can see a basic tutorial task list in the top right corner. These include capturing 5 Lamballs, accessing the Pal Box, and more. These are simple things, but doing them familiarizes you with the game and grants you additional EXP.

Catch New Pals

Catch New Pals
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In each biome you go to, you will have several new Pals that you can encounter. As such, you should also ensure plenty of Palspheres on you. So each time you come across a new Pal, lower their health and capture them before they can escape. Do remember that just because you have explored an area doesn’t mean you caught every Pal it had to offer. Make sure to come back at night and see what new Pals show up; for example, Daedream doesn’t show up during the day.

Catch 10 Pals of the Same Species

As mentioned above, you get bonus EXP when catching a Pal for the first 10 times. Each time you catch one, a meter on the right fills up. You can check how many more of it you need to level up before tracking other Pals.

Upgrade your Base

Upgrade Your Base
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You should also remember that this is a survival game. As such, when you reach new levels, the game will unlock new technologies and structures. So make sure to put them to good use. You can upgrade your base by building them, giving you more XP.

Explore and Find Travel Waypoints

Palworld Explore The World
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Going everywhere on foot can be a drag. In the early game, you can deal with it by upgrading your Stamina stat, allowing you to run longer. I suggest you check our guide on the “best stats to upgrade first” to learn more about it. After progressing a bit, you also get to ride your Pals, which should help speed up the exploration of the world. You can not only find eggs during this process but can also unlock travel waypoints. At the same time, this may not give EXP by itself, but fast travel does make traversal easier, which makes completing missions or catching Pals at different times less tedious.

Fight Bosses

Fighting Bosses In Palworld To Gain EXP
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Fighting bosses in this game reward you with Ancient Civilization parts and extra EXP. Make sure you take your Strongest Pals for such fights. You can also use this weakness-type chart to have an elemental advantage over them during your battles.

Use the above methods, and you should level up fast and get stronger in no time. Since you like playing Palworld, I suggest checking our other guides on hatching eggs faster, renaming your Pals, cooking Pals, and more.