Palworld Ancient Civilization Parts Farming Guide

Ancient Civilization parts will come in handy while crafting a bunch of useful things. Here’s a guide on how you can farm them in Palworld.

There is a long list of tasks, explorations, crafting, and battles waiting as you head into the world of Palworld. While it’s best if you play multiplayer with friends, farming for crafting items is something you will have to do on your own. And since crafting is in concern, players must be looking to get some Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld. They are one of the most useful items if you want to craft unique items.

While there is a dedicated way to farm them, the only trouble we found with Ancient Civilization Parts is that they drop in random. Having said that, it’s not like they are easy to farm in any sense. Players will have to go through a lot of troubles which is why having your friends with you is useful.

How to Get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld

Palworld Ancient Civilization Parts Farming Guide
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The best way that players can use to farm Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld is by defeating the Alpha Pal bosses that they can find. Along with that, defeating dungeon bosses will also drop a random number of Ancient Civilization Parts. However, dungeons last for a limited time before they change so they need to be cleared out quickly or you will miss your rewards.

These Alpha Pal bosses are quite tough to beat and considering the random loot drop, it might sound discouraging. However, they are the best way to farm this crafting item. You can get uniquely crafted items like the Grapple Gun and Pal Sphere Launcher that can prove quite useful in the open world of Palworld. There are numerous other items like these that will need Ancient Civilization Parts to craft.

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