Palworld Stats: Best Ones To Upgrade First

Not sure how stats work in Palworld or which ones to upgrade first? Don’t worry, this guide will help you make the decision.

Unlike Pokemon where each time you level up a Pokemon, all of their stats automatically increase. In Palworld, you take a different approach and get to manually assign which stats points you would like to upgrade first. This leveling system works for this game and is also flexible as per your play style. However, even in Palworld, there are some stats that you should upgrade before the others.

Which are the Best Stats in Palworld to Upgrade First?

Best Stats To Upgrade First In Palworld
Image Credits: Pocketpair

The three best stats that you should upgrade early on are:

  • HP
  • Weight
  • Stamina

Ideally one of the most important stats in the game that you should focus on is Weight as it increases your carrying capacity. However, depending on how comfortable you are with the game’s environment you should first upgrade your HP. The higher your health the better you can survive wild Pal attacks, fall damage, etc.

Next, you should upgrade your weight and stamina hand-in-hand, this way not only can you carry more things but you can also run, swim, or climb for longer. Do remember that you don’t have to keep leveling up your stamina, once you reach a level where you think it is enough and you aren’t immediately running out of it. You can focus on weight.

Once you are done upgrading those three stats the next one you should go for is working speed. Finally, you can choose between attack and defense based on the Pal you are about to use.

Do remember the above is recommended based on what would suit most players and beginners. If you are someone comfortable with the game then you can upgrade weight and working speed before HP, Stamina, and other stats.

How Stats Work in Palworld

There are 6 stats in this game and they work as follows:

  • HP: This is your Health Points, it decides how many hits you can take before passing out. When you run out of it your player collapses.
  • Weight: It decides your maximum carrying capacity. The higher the weight stat is, the more you can carry before slowing down.
  • Stamina: It decides how long you can run, swim, or climb for before tiring out. Once it depletes completely you have to wait before you can use it again.
  • Work Speed: It decides the efficiency and speed of the tasks like building or crafting on your base.
  • Attack: The higher your attack is the more damage you can deal per hit.
  • Defense: The higher your defense is the more damage you can take per hit before your HP runs out completely.

That’s all for the best stats that you should upgrade early in this game. While you are here I suggest you also check out our other Palworld guides on the best Pals tier list, weakness type chart, how to prevent food from rotting, Pal sphere not working fix, and more.