Fastest Palworld Mounts for Flying and Ground

You can navigate the islands of Palworld quicker than your friends if you have captured these fastest ground and flying pals to use as mounts.

What are the fastest mounts in Palworld? Thankfully, there are some great choices for traveling faster across the map on the ground or air, and here are the best picks for you, especially if you are currently navigating on foot.

As you already know, moving around slowly in the game can hinder your progress and be annoying because the open world is pretty big. To make things easier for you, here are all the speediest Pals to get a burst of movement speed compared to your current mount.

Fastest Ground Mount in Palworld for Early Game

If immediate speed is your priority, the Eikthyrdeer is the clear winner. It is easily accessible and incredibly fast, with its early-game potential as one of the fastest ground mounts.

It’s a deer/antelope-style Pal with huge horns, a cream-colored body, and a glorious back and tail with purple and blue highlights. You can ride it to traverse the map and double jump with it as well, and as a great add-on, its skills can increase the efficiency of cutting trees.

To get a burst of speed, use the Antler Uppercut active skill, where the pal charges ahead and covers some ground pretty fast. The same skill can be used to collect and farm smaller pals that have the misfortune of getting in the Eikthrydeer’s way. So, not only is it fast, but it’s also great for clearing paths.

Breeding your Eikthyrdeer with a Hangyu unlocks the even faster Terra version. Movement speed passive skills like Runner (20% increase in movement speed) and Swift (30% increase in movement speed) will also help you run across the map quickly.

More Suggestions for Fast Ground Mounts

If the Eikthrydeer doesn’t work for you, try one or more of these speedy Pals as mounts!


Pyrin/Pyrin Noct





Fastest Palworld Mounts for Flying in Early Game

Vanwyrm fast flying mount in palworld
Source: Pocketpair

Vanwyrm is one of the fastest flying mounts you can catch and ride in the early game. Plus, if you add Passive skills like Swift, Nimble, or Legend, you can give it the speed boost you’re looking for.

More Suggestions for Fast Aerial Mounts

Here are some of the best and fastest flying mounts throughout the game.

Jetdragon – One of the Fastest in the Game!






And there you have it – these were the fastest ground and flying mounts in Palworld. Wondering which are the best Pals to catch early on as well? Here are the ones you should not miss out on.