How To Get & Equip Saddle In Palworld

Want to mount your Pals and explore the world? You will need saddles. Here’s a guide on how to get and equip Saddle in Palworld.

Exploring the vast world without your Pals or the Fast Travel points will feel like an absolute drag. Luckily, you can mount a few of them to travel. However, for that to happen, players will need to get and equip Saddle in Palworld. If you have caught the fastest mounts, you are bound to get to locations quicker than your friends.

However, to make that possible, you will need Saddles that are specific to that Pal and players can craft them easily in Palworld. Palworld allows players to mount different types of ground and flying Pals that they can catch. For instance, Rushoar is the first Pal that you can build a Saddle for and mount.

How to Craft Saddle in Palworld

How To Get & Equip Saddle In Palworld
Image Source: Steam

Before you can craft a Saddle in Palworld, you will have to head to the Ancient Technology tree and unlock it for a specific Pal. Players will need Ancient Technology Points to unlock the Saddle and then they can craft it. Once you have the crafting recipe for the Saddle, you will need a Pal Gear Workbench and craft it.

Once you have the Saddle in your Key Items, put the Pal with the Saddle into your Party. After that, summon the Pal and hold the Special Ability button and you can mount it and travel the world. While ground mounts are quite useful, flying mounts are probably the best way for players to travel. Once they have Fast Travel points, it will be easy to explore more areas.

That’s all you need to build a Saddle. Players are worried if the Early Access progress will carry over or not. Do check it out along with more Palworld guides on our dedicated section here at Gamer Tweak.