Will Early Access Progress Carry Over In Palworld? (Explained)

Early Access of Palworld has been the talk of the gaming community. However, the question that bugs players is will the progress get carried over when the full game releases? Here’s everything you will need.

Palworld has been the talk of the community after being one of the top-selling Early Access games since its release. While the game has been making a lot of stirs, it’s still in Early Access which is bugging the community. There have been numerous games that after full launch remove the progression of the game. Will the Palworld early access progress carry over after the full launch? That is something that is bugging the players who would want some kind of update on this matter.

While there have been no official talks, it makes sense that the Palworld early access should follow the footsteps of the other games. The early access is a chance for developers to try something new or weed out whatever is bugging the game. We are bound to see numerous updates in the game and surely Pocketpair will have things to say.

Is Palworld Early Access Progress getting Carried Over?

Will Palworld Early Access Progress Carry Over
Image Source: Steam

Currently, there is no official word and we assume that the Palworld early access progress will not carry over. However, it is just an assumption and there is no way to be sure of that. Since the game has local save files and dedicated servers, one would think that the progress will remain in the full launch.

However, the developers could even drop an update that would make these files null and void. Since we are yet to get the PvP mode in Palworld, it is assumable that they would drop such an update. Since most games delete progress after Early Access and only let the achievements and trophies say, it is a fair guess to say that Palworld would do the same.

According to Pocketpair, the game is set to be in Early Access for at least a year which gives them the chance to make numerous changes. We will have to wait for the developers to give an official update. Rest assured as we will update this guide once more official information is available on this matter.

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