How To Eat Food And Feed Pals In Palworld

Your character and your Pals need a constant intake of food to keep their health bar full at all times. Our guide will help you understand how you can eat food and feed your Pals in Palworld.

In Palworld, you will be partially dependent on your Pals when you need to complete tasks around the base. As a result, keeping them well-fed at all times should be one of your primary duties. If they are hungry, they will start becoming less efficient and won’t finish their jobs.

Similarly, just like your Pals, you will have to make sure that you are also tracking your character’s hunger, as you will also be completing various activities all the time. If your character is not well fed, it will affect your stamina, health, defense and other important stats. Consequently, there are chances of your character dying due to starvation as well.

Therefore, to avoid this from taking place, here is how you can easily eat food and feed your Pals, so that both, your character and your working creatures are always healthy and productive.

How to Eat Food and Feed Your Pals in Palworld

How To Eat Food And Feed Your Pals In Palworld
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When it comes to raw food items, you can find it scattered all over the map. Similarly, when you are exploring, make sure to pick up all the food items like berries, milk, wheat, eggs, meat, etc. However, to get some of the items that are used in recipes, you will have to eliminate Pals so that they drop the food item you need.

Now, in order to feed your character or your Pal you will first have to open your inventory. After this, you can either right-click on the food you want to consume or hold Y. From here, you can click on your character or the Pal you want to feed.

The character or Pal you have selected will consume the food item you have given them and this action will increase their health and the Hungry status will also disappear. It is also important to note that eating cooked food will be much more substantial as compared to raw food.

Even though this is the only way you can feed your character to increase their stamina and reduce their hunger, there are other ways to feed your Pals. Your pals can be well-fed at all times if you build a Feed Box.

Once the Feed Box is created, all you will have to do is keep filling it with food items, and the Pals will come and consume the food by themselves. As a result, this is a much more effective method of feeding them. Lastly, you can also check out how you can craft a Small Feed Bag for your creatures and keep their HP levels high.

This is everything you need to know if you are wondering how you can eat food and feed your Pals. Since Palworld is your current favorite game, you can also check out how to level up fast and how you can keep your Pals happy and sane in Palworld, right here on Gamer Tweak.