How To Craft And Use Small Feed Bag In Palworld

Pals are being gluttonous making you spend a lot of your time just for feeding? Make the process automatic with a Small Feed Bag in Palworld.

Starved status ailment forcing you to refill Feed Box again and again. It can be quite a headache when you need to venture for the exploration or want to invest time in a new feature you unlocked. Fortunately for us, there is a way to make the process automatic, both for the players and Pals. However, it isn’t easy, as you cannot unlock the Small Feed Bag in Palworld with Technology Points. Curious to know what you need for it? We are here to guide you.

Once you or your Pals become hungry, you will not only have a hard time fighting the enemy but will lose HP faster. Collecting and eating food from the Inventory is possible even during the journey, yet there is a chance that status will occur in the middle of battle.

How to Get a Small Feed Bag in Palworld

How to Get Small Feed Bag in Palworld

The Small Feed Bag is a level 10 Technology, requiring Ancient Technology Points to unlock. There are very limited ways to acquire these points in the game, but usage is plenty. Defeating Alpha Pals gives you one point, and Syndicate Tower bosses let you earn 5 points.

Needless to say, none of these opponents are easy to beat. I would suggest you first check out our Mammorest guide and capture it, as this is the earliest alpha boss. Coming back to the bag, once you have unlocked its recipe, you need 10 Fiber, 5 Wood, and 3 Leather to craft it from the High Quality Workbench.

How to Use Feed Bag

It is a key item, so after crafting, it will automatically open the Food slot you see below your character in Inventory. Drag consumables into it to use the feature. For now, you will unlock only one slot. As you progress, collect Ancient Technology Points, and level up, you will get to craft Average, Large, Huge, and Giant Feed Bags.

While wrapping up ways to craft a Small Feed Bag in Palworld, we recommend you learn how to get Wheat Seeds and craft medicine for other status ailments of the Pals.