How To Get Wheat Seeds In Palworld (Location)

Want to create a Wheat farm but can’t find Wheat Seeds in Palworld? Here is where you need to look for it.

As this combines the elements of the open world survival, exploration, building structures, and production you must feed your Pals and eat food to restore hunger. Wheat is the necessary item for creating a Flour. In turn, used for recipes like Cake. Berries, Mushrooms, and all are good, but they aren’t enough. Having a stable food production becomes crucial as you capture more Pals.

This must have made you look for ways to find the Wheat Seeds in Palworld for planting. Thankfully, there are more than enough ways to do that. Not sure about them? We are here to guide you.

Where to Find Wheat Seeds in Palworld

Where to Find Wheat Seeds in Palworld

There are three ways to get Wheat Seeds in Palpagos Islands. First, you can defeat and capture the Pals which drop them. Second, you can buy it from the merchant. Lastly, they can be found inside random chests during exploration. Additionally, once you have the seeds, you can plant them and assign Pals to look after the farm. Harvest it and repeat it whenever you need this ingredient.

Which Pals Drop Wheat Seeds?

The five Pals which drop the seeds are:

  • Bristla
  • Cinnamoth
  • Dinossom
  • Flopie
  • Robinquill

Cinnamoth and Flopie are some of the earliest ones you can capture in the game. Cinnamoth is a grass element with Planting work suitability. It can be spotted around the Cinnamoth Forest Fast Travel point. Flopie is also a grass element with Planting work suitability. It is found near the Hypocrite Hill and Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance Fast Travel points.

Where to Find the Merchant in Palworld

Where to Find the Merchant

Go to the west of Grassy Behemoth Hill to find a Small Settlement. There you must look for the Wandering Merchant and visit his shop. You can both buy and sell goods to him, so interact and scroll the Item List to find it. The Wheat Seeds cost 100 Gold.

That’s all you need to do to get the Wheat Seeds in Palworld. Curious to know more about this game world? Be sure to check out our dedicated section.