How To Catch A Mammorest In Palworld

Came across the king of the forest and are wondering how to capture it successfully? In this guide, we will explain all the tips and tricks to catch Mammorest in Palworld.

Mammorest in Palworld is one of the early alpha bosses that you will face on your journey through the Palpagos islands. And interestingly enough, you will find the large elephant-like pal much harder to defeat let alone catch it with your pal spheres in the game. While it might not be possible for players to catch it early on with regular pal spheres, progressing a little further will help you unlock different options.

In Palworld, Mammorest is one of the most helpful pals you will find around the island. It increases your efficiency in cutting down trees and mining ores in the game. With the right type of pals and equipment, you will be able to take down most of Mammorest’s health. So if you are wondering how to capture the pal without dying over and over again, then here is a guide you should check out further.

How to Capture Mammorest in Palworld

How To Capture Mammorest In Palworld
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Your best bet to successfully catch Mammorest in Palworld without any hassle would be by lowering its health to its absolute lowest and using the Hyper Sphere. However, since the Hyper Sphere is unlocked at level 27, you will have to grind your way through all the levels before you can face the large grass elemental-type pal.

That said, while the chances of capturing Mammorest without the Hyper Sphere are less, you can still try to catch it with the Mega or Giga Sphere at your disposal. However, you will need a good strategy before facing the pal and lowering its health.

Fire Elemental Type Pal For Mammorest In Palworld
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Since Mammorest is one of the grass elemental type pals, you will find it weak to all fire elemental type pals and their attacks.

  • Make sure that you capture Foxparks, Rooby, etc before dealing with it. Along with all the fire-type pals, you can have the fire crossbow at your disposal, which can be unlocked at level 15.
  • Additionally, you can also hand over some firearms to Lifmunk which with the help of its partner skill Lifmunk Recoil can deal extensive damage to the Mammorest.
  • Considering you have geared up everything from armor to weapon, craft as much Mega and Giga Spheres as you can and head towards Mammorest’s location.
  • You will find most of the Mammorest in Palworld spawn near the alpha boss.
  • Once you come across it, start with any fire elemental-type pal at your disposal, and start dealing damage with your fire crossbow.
  • Although, make sure you keep your distance to dodge all of its moves quickly.
Mammorest Grass Tornado Move In Palworld
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Mammorest will mostly focus on two of its attacks namely Grass Tornado and Power Bomb. While you will be able to dodge them while keeping your distance, your pals will be more than vulnerable. However, you can call them back to their spheres to save themselves from the attack. Having said that, you can deal more damage with the partner skills of your pals mainly Lifmunk(Lifmunk Recoil), Foxparks(Huggy Fire), etc.

Throw Mega And Giga Spheres On Mammorest In Palworld
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After lowering its health to the minimum, try throwing the Mega and Giga spheres at your disposal. You can throw them one after another if Mammorest tries to escape. While it might not be guaranteed that you will be able to capture the large elephant-like pal, using this strategy would be your best choice with the Mega and Giga spheres.

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