Palworld: Can Pals Die?

Yes, Pals, sadly, can die. But you have to go an extra step to make sure that happens

The thought of their trusty Pals dying in a battle can be horrific for many new players. So, to ease your mind, we have created this guide on this very question: Do or can Pals die in Palworld, and if so, how do you avoid it?

Palworls is climbing the Steam charts and has officially taken over Counter-Strike 2 as the top game with the most players ever.

Surviving in an enigmatic world filled with cute Pals is amazing. And yes, Pals are the best part of this game. They tirelessly gather resources, loyally fight your enemies, and lend a helping paw or wing in building your dream settlement.

Do or Can Pals Die in Palworld

Yes, Pals, sadly, can die. But you have to go an extra step to make sure that happens. But if you think they can be killed in a battle with other Pals, then no, your Pals will only be incapacitated in a battle. All incapacitated Pals can be revived in 10 minutes. But if your Palbox is filling up, and you are looking for a way to remove the Pals, you can Butcher them. This is the only way they can die.

The game has been designed so players can focus on training and exploring without worrying about their Pals dying. This is a great feature for players new to the game or looking for a more relaxed experience. However, it is important to note that Pals can still be defeated in battle and must be revived before they can be used again.

In Palworld, players can forge a unique Cleaver using ingots, wood, and stone, granting special butchery options. You can equip a Cleaver and then go near a Pal to see a new “Butcher” option instead of a “Pet” option when unequipped.

However, it’s important to note that killing Pals is illegal within the game world. If the player character kills a Pal and is witnessed by an NPC, a bounty will be placed on the player, who will be seen as a criminal. However, there are no consequences if the player character manages to kill a Pal without being witnessed.

If you don’t want to butcher your Pals to remove them from Palbox, don’t worry; the game allows you to sell them, too. To sell Pals in Palworld, you can visit the Black Marketeer. The Black Marketeer is located northwest of the game’s starting area at the eastern edge of the molten region. When you are here, look for a cave and head inside, where you will find the Black Marketeer. Talk to the Black Marketeer, and you will get the option to sell or buy Pals.

Can Pals Die in Palworld

Why Pals Get Incapacitated?

Now you know the answer to the question, can Pals die in Palworld? But there is more to it. Pals can sustain damage from combat, base raids, or neglect if you forget to give them food. To keep your Pals healthy, it’s important to feed them regularly. You can feed them foraged or cooked food, such as Mushrooms, Berries, and more. You can also craft a Small Feed Bag using Ancient Technology, which gives you one food slot and lets your Pals and character eat automatically.

  • Incapacitation isn’t fatal. And it doesn’t mean they are dead. You can revive your Pals by placing them in the Palbox for 10 minutes to reduce the severity of their injuries.
  • Pay attention to your Pals’ needs and adjust your behavior accordingly. A healthy, happy Pal is a valuable asset in Palworld.
  • Experiment with different tactics and Pal combinations to find strategies that minimize incapacitation risks.

It’s also important to keep your Pals rested. You can remove them from active combat if they’re in your party, allowing their HP to regenerate. You can also let them passively regain health by making them rest. Back at your base, you can use your Palbox like a makeshift healing ward. Pals stored in the Palbox will rest and recover HP.

In conclusion, Pals cannot die in Palworld. They can be defeated in battle, but they will not die. Players can heal and revive their Pals by eating food or placing them in the Palbox. This is a great feature for players new to the game or looking for a more relaxed experience. Crafting and using the Cleaver with the command wheel is the only way Pals can die in Palworld.

To keep your Pals healthy, it’s important to feed them regularly, keep them rested, and revive them if they’re defeated. With these tips, you can keep your Pals healthy and happy in Palworld.

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