How to Find, Catch, and Breed Sootseer in Palworld

Here’s how to find the powerful Dark and Fire-type Sootseer, learn effective capturing strategies, and breeding combos to add this pal to your team.

Sootseer, a Dark and Fire-type Pal in Palworld, is a unique and fascinating creature with a cauldron-like appearance, skull mask, and purple flaming hands. This pal can be an excellent addition to your team thanks to its mixed range of attacks. Today, we will discuss where to find and catch Sootseer and how to breed this fascinating pal.

Where to Find and Catch Sootseer in Palworld

Sootseer can be found roaming the Sakurajima Island cemetery at night (this Pal appears at night). When attempting to catch Sootseer, it’s essential to approach it strategically. As a Dark and Fire-type Pal, Sootseer is vulnerable to water-based attacks. Consider using a water-type pal in your party to help extinguish Sootseer’s flames and make catching easier.

Why You Need Sootseer in Your Party

Sootseer’s Dark and Fire-type nature makes it an exceptionally adaptable Pal, offering diverse attacks to help your team in various situations. Adding Sootseer to your party will provide you with a powerful pal capable of dealing significant damage and countering a wide array of enemy types. As we mentioned above, visit the cemetery at night to increase your chances of facing Sootseer.

How to Breed Sootseer in Palworld

An alternative method of acquiring Sootseer is through breeding. To breed a Sootseer, you’ll need to know the correct combination of Pals to produce this unique creature. We have not confined this yet, but a comment in the subreddit says the breeding combination for Sootseer is:

  • Hoper + Viotul = Sootseer
  • Wolper + Viotul = Sootseer
  • Hopeton + Viotul = Sootseer
  • Wolphon + Viotul = Sootseer

Ensure you have the necessary Pals at your party and visit the Breeder at your base to initiate the breeding process. Remember that breeding outcomes can be influenced by RNG, so it may take a few attempts before successfully breeding a Sootseer.

That’s everything you need to know about finding, catching, & breeding Sootseer in Palworld. If you find this guide helpful, you can check out more on our Palworld Guides page for topics like where to find, how to capture unique Space Pals, and how to make a Circuit Board in Palworld.