Palworld Plasteel Crafting Guide

Unlock powerful gear by learning how to craft Plasteel in Palworld with our guide, detailing on gathering resources and how to get Electric Furnace.

As a Palworld player, after the Sakurajima update, you’ll eventually face the need for Plasteel, a necessary resource for crafting powerful weapons, durable armor, and advanced technology. This valuable material can only be acquired through crafting involving multiple steps and resources. Today, we will walk you through how to craft Plasteel in Palworld.

How to Craft Plasteel in Palworld

To craft Plasteel in Palworld, you’ll first need to build an Electric Furnace at your base. The materials required for the Electric Furnace include:

Electric Furnace in Palworld
You will need an Electric Furnace to craft Plasteel in Palworld.

Constructing the Electric Furnace will allow you to smelt Plasteel and other advanced materials, allowing you to make more powerful gear and technology. Once your Electric Furnace is operational, you’ll need to gather the following resources to craft Plasteel:

  • 5 Crude Oil
  • 5 Paladium Fragment
  • 10 Ore

Most of these materials can be acquired through standard gameplay, but Crude Oil requires additional effort. You’ll need to build a Crude Oil Extractor and establish an electrical supply at your base to produce Crude Oil.

With all the necessary resources, you can now use the Electric Furnace to craft Plasteel. This versatile material will enable you to create some of Palworld’s most sought-after weapons, armor, and tech, allowing you to take on tougher challenges and explore the game world more effectively.

Plasteel is important for players looking to maximize their character’s build. Its applications in crafting powerful weapons, durable armor, and advanced technology make it an essential material for tackling late-game content and staying competitive in the ever-evolving world of Palworld.

That’s everything you need to know about how to craft Plasteel in Palworld. If you found this helpful, check out our Palworld Guides page for more tips & tricks here at Gamer Tweak.