Outriders: How To Save Your Progress

Here's to save your game in Outriders Demo.

Outriders is a solo or up to 3 player co-op RPG shooter set in hostile planet Enoch. All the living things here are set out to kill you because you are the alien on their planet. The story is about the journey you and your teammates took in pursuit of a mysterious signal’s source. This is when you will encounter Anomaly. A mysterious phenomenon that destroyed all technology and the machines humans brought here. Anomaly also changed humans into Altered, giving them power over elemental and physical forces. The game won’t give you much information even about how to save your game. So today let’s look at how to save in Outriders.

How to Save in Outriders Demo?
how to save Outriders

You cannot manually save a game in Outriders Demo as it saves the game automatically. Yes, there is an auto-save feature in this game. This is very useful considering how you have cross-save ability in-game you can pick it in the full game right from where you left off in the demo, including your gears, legendary weapons, and the World Tier you were on.

There are different armors like Footgear, Gloves, Headgear, Legendary Armor, Lower Armor, & Upper Armor. All of these will be saved automatically once you collect them. Also, your accolade levels and unlocked cosmetic items like Emotes or Banner Customization elements will also be saved automatically in Outriders.

That’s all there is to know about saving in Outriders. In case you are playing the game on PC and are facing some crashing issues, check out our linked guide to know how to fix that. There’s more about Outriders that you need to know, find all the guides below: