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Tips and Tricks to Farm Legendary Weapons in Outriders

Want help with finding Rarog’s Gaze or Aerie Master Legendary guns Outriders then read this guide.

Outriders Demo is out and Legendary weapons are the one that gives max damage with some perks. In this guide, I am going to help with tips on how to get legendary weapons in the game. Remember it will not be easy, but once you got the weapons in your hand you can take down bosses in few shots. This makes Outriders Legendary Weapon farming an important part of the game. So let’s now waste much time and begin with finding Ambrane Vault –  Legendary Double Gun, The Migraine – Legendary Submachine Gun, The Iceberg – Legendary Bolt Action Rifle, etc.

How to Unlock Legendary Weapons in Outriders?


Farm Legendary Weapons - Outriders

The minimal requirement to get Legendary Loot is to reach World Tier Level 5. Enemies will start dropping more legendary loot after reaching a higher World Tier Level. This may require you to replay all the main stories and side quest once again. Outriders Demo gives you access to Chapter 1  of the main storyline. The first thing to do is play all the main missions and side quests. Later you can replay them again and again hitting out the same enemies to unlock more powerful gears.

That’s the only way right now to unlock and farm legendary weapons in Outriders. For example, the weapons listed below can be unlocked in one of the game side quests.


  • Amber Vault – Legendary Double Gun
  • The Migraine – Legendary Submachine Gun
  • The Ice Berg – Legendary Bolt Action Rifle

To find the above legendary weapon in Outrider you can watch each video above or follow the steps below. It is an extract from the video below which will help you to understand what exactly to do to unlock powerful weapons in the game.


  1. Complete all the Story Missions in the Campaign.
  2.  You will be on World Tier Level 5 which increases the chance of unlocking legendary loot.
  3. Go camping to play Terra Infirma. Go on the top part to talk to Shira Gutmann to unlock the side quest.
  4. Go to Shattered Front to farm Legendary Loot by finding Lieutenant McCain.

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You can keep on replaying the single side quest again and again to unlock more legendary loots. Here are the stats of weapons you can find via this method. Reunion is another mission that lets you farm legendary weapons in the game. Go to the game lobby > Select Story Point > and from Story Points select “Confront the Altered at the Tower”.


All your game progress from Outriders Demo will be transferred over the main game. So whatever weapons you are unlocking, along with every character stats will be carried forward to the full game.