How To Get Emotes In Outriders

A serious game like Outriders gets a dash of comedy when you use emotes. Here's how to get emotes in Outriders.

OutEmotes are a staple in games these days – Valheim has them, Fortnite has them and now, Outriders has them too, even in the demo version. If you want to show off your emotions in-game, we’ll show you how to get Outriders emotes. Since there is crossplay available in this game by People Can Fly and Square Enix, your friends on all platforms can watch you perform your emotes.

How to Unlock Outriders Emotes

There is something called Accolades in the game which are, as the word suggests, achievements. So, you have to complete tasks and get emotes as rewards. Based on your skills, you can achieve Combat-related as well as Progression, Hunt, Teamwork, Item Management related accolades. According to your Accolade level, you can unlock various emotes that you can use to express your in-game emotions.

So, to answer the question of how to get emotes in Outriders, you have to simply play the game and complete challenges based on combat, teamwork, progression and more. This will earn you rewards including emotes.

 Outriders Emotes

To access the Accolades menu, you have to head to the Character Menu and switch tabs until you see Accolades on the right. You will see the percentage of completion that will tell you how close you are to your rewards which also include cosmetics. Once you have unlocked emotes, you might wonder where to find emotes? Well, you can see all your Outriders emotes in the Customization menu > Emotes. As you keep playing the game, you will unlock some funny emotes that you can use, as you can see in the tweets below:

That’s all about how to get emotes in Outriders. The game launches on April 1 and we hope that also means more emotes will be added to it.

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