Which Path To Choose In Outriders?

Are you confused about which path to choose in Outriders? Check all of them right here

Choosing your path in Outriders can be quite daunting as from the outside, each character in the game looks equally appealing. While each character is different, their healing is different and you cannot heal by simply spamming the heal button. Each character has 3 abilities that make them unique and when paired together with the correct teammate, you can become unstoppable. If you wish to know which path to choose in Outriders, make sure to check this out.

Which Path To Choose In Outriders?

To know which path you should choose in Outriders, you should first check out which one compliments your playstyle, Technomancer, Pyromancer, Trickster, and Devastator as the different paths that you can select from. You will be asked to choose a path as soon as you complete the Prologue of the game, selecting the right path in Outriders will ensure that you progress easily and comfortably while getting the most out of the game.

which path should you choose in Outriders
To know which path you should choose in Outriders depends on your playstyle


If you’re someone who likes to defeat enemies from a distance and help your teammates by staying back and clearing the path. The healing abilities of the technomancer are amazing as all you have to do is damage others and doing this will help you regain your health back. Think of this path as a sniper, you will have the ability to place turrets and help your teammates.

Technomancer Skills:

  • Cryo Turret – Place a turret that damages all enemies and inflicts Freeze status on them.
  • Pain Launcher – An AoE attack that will freeze enemies in a large radius.
  • Scrapnel – A projectile that will deal a lot of damage as well as stop enemies from using skill-based attacks.


Just as the name suggests, the Pyromancer path excels in Fire-based attacks and is great at medium ranges. This will help you defeat any enemy that might charge at you or your teammates. Every enemy marked by your abilities and killed will help you regain health. Ensures that you always have a good supply of healing just by using your skills and abilities often. Pyromancers are great to lead into the battle headfirst and burn your enemies to a crisp.

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Pyromancer Skills:

  • Thermal Bomb – Inflict burn status and knock enemies back.
  • Ash Blast – AoE attack that will inflict ash status to anyone who gets stuck in the radius of the attack.
  • Heatwave – A powerful fire strike that will immediately burn anyone in front of you.


An assassin-type path that will allow you to teleport behind enemy lines and take them down with quick melee attacks. The trickster is quick and nimble, make sure that you do not spend time at a place more than you require, if you’re someone who relies on stealth while still coming out of the shadows and defeating every enemy, you should get the Trickster.

Trickster Skills:

  • Temporal Slice – Slice enemies up and inflict Slow status on them.
  • Slow Trap – An AoE attack that will inflict slow status on anyone who gets trapped in it, also works on projectiles.
  • Hunt the Prey – Teleport behind an unsuspecting enemy with a shield bonus.


The tank class can take a lot of damage and protect teammates by attracting the attention of the enemies. The Devastator is great at melee attacks, this means that even if you run into a crowd of enemies, you will be able to withstand attacks while other team members can defeat them. The devastator just like Tricksters is great for melee-based combat and you will earn a part of the health back with each attack.

Devastator Skills:

  • Earthquake – Create shockwaves that knock enemies as well damages them.
  • Golem – A protective covering that will help you to save yourself from incoming attacks
  • Gravity Jump – leap into the air and pick a foe to pounce upon. Anyone close by gets hit with knockback

These are all the paths that you can choose in Outriders and the best skills that are available for you to choose.

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