Outriders: How To Cross Save?

This Outriders Cross Save guide will tell you about how to cross save your progress across different platforms like PC, PlayStation, Xbox.

Outriders came out with full support for crossplay and and free upgrades for everyone from previous generation consoles to next gen ones. So when we have all these features and capabilities from the developers, we can’t help it but think if we have cross save also enabled for all over systems. Nothing can beat the fun of playing a round of Outriders and picking it at right from you left at your PlayStation. So let’s look at how to enable cross save and how it works in Outriders.

Outriders Cross Save: How does it Work?

How to Use Cross Save in Outriders

Cross save in Outriders only works between the same devices in the same ecosystem. This means that your save file can be moved from a PlayStation 4 to a PlayStation 5 & Xbox One to Xbox Series S / Xbox Series X. This is because the developers have promised free upgrades to next-gen for all owners. This is especially helpful if you are playing the demo in the current-gen and planning to continue the game in the next-gen once the game comes out. That means, if you are on Consoles, you cannot transfer the saved file to your PC and vice versa. You cannot even move from PlayStation to Xbox so players need to keep that in mind before starting.  Also the progress will not transfer between the Demo on Steam and the Full Game you bought from Epic Store. Only the Demo’s progress in Steam can be carried forwards to the full game in Steam.

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That’s all there is to know about Outriders cross save. In case you are playing the game on PC and are facing some crashing issues, check out our linked guide to know how to fix that. There’s more about Outriders that you need to know, find all the guides below: