All New Items List For Stardew Valley 1.6

Wondering what items are introduced with version 1.6 of Stardew Valley? Well, below you can find the full list of them and the basics of what they do.

Content updates are always exciting unless they are patches that nerf your favorite things. But the Stardew Valley 1.6 version of the game has brought along many new items for you to try out or play with. Since there is a lot to uncover, here is their full list and what they are used for:

All New Items in Stardew Valley 1.6

Stardew Valley 1 6 New Items List
Image Credits: ConcernedApe. Stardew Valley 1.6 new items and their uses.
  • 24 New Wallpaper Styles
  • 25 New Hats
  • 26 Books Of Power: These give you special perks.
  • 280 New Furniture: It even includes unique furniture catalogues.
  • 41 New Floor Styles
  • 7 Trinkets: Gives you combat-related powers.
  • Anvil: It lets you re-roll trinkets.
  • Bait Maker: Use it to make various baits specific to different fishes.
  • Big Chest: It gives you double the storage size when compared to a normal regular chest.
  • Blue Grass Starter
  • Book Of Stars: It gives you experience for all your skills.
  • Butterfly Powder: You can use this item to remove pets.
  • Cave Jelly: Something new that you can fish out.
  • Challenge Bait: You can use it to catch up to 3 fish at once, but you lose 1 fish each time it leaves the bobber bar.
  • Dehydrator: You can use it to turn mushrooms into dried mushrooms and fruits into dried fruit.
  • Deluxe Bait: A better bait compared to a regular one.
  • Deluxe Worm Bin: It lets you upgrade your regular worm bin to make Deluxe bait.
  • Fish Smoker: Use it to make smoked fish.
  • Golden Animal Crackers
  • Green Fireworks
  • Heavy Furnace: It lets you process more bars and can even produce bonus bars at times.
  • Mannequins: You can dress them.
  • Mini-Forge: It works like a Dwarfish Forge.
  • Mixed Flower Seeds
  • Moss Soup
  • Moss: A new resource that you can get in the trunks of old trees.
  • Mushroom Log: You can use it to farm mushrooms. It can also interact with surrounding trees.
  • Mystic Seeds: These seeds grow a unique tree.
  • Mystic Syrup: A valuable product.
  • Purple Fireworks
  • Raisins
  • Red Fireworks
  • River Jelly: Something new that you can fish out.
  • Sea Jelly: Something new that you can fish out.
  • Skill Books: These give you experience for a certain skill.
  • Sonar Bobber: It shows you the fish on your line.
  • Spouse Portraits: Reach 14 hearts and you can buy them.
  • Stardrop Tea: This is a gift item.
  • Statue Of Blessings: You get a random blessing daily.
  • Statue Of The Dwarf King: You get to select a mining buff daily from two choices.
  • Tent Kits: You can use it to build a tent. This tent lets you sleep in it for a night.
  • Text Signs: Sign boards that you can write on.
  • Treasure Totems: This item spawns a ring of diggable spots.

That is all for the new items in Stardew Valley 1.6. Speaking of things introduced with this update you should also check our guides on how to start the Desert Festival, how the mastery system works, and how to get more pets.