How to get a Big Chest in Stardew Valley 1.6

Ready to unlock a bigger chest for better storage? Here’s how to craft the useful ‘Big Chest’ in Stardew Valley.

Chests in Stardew Valley are essential for any farmer. They are craftable storage containers that help you organize and hold all the items you collect throughout the game. But as they say, sometimes bigger is better and now with the addition of update version 1.6, you need to know how to get a Big Chest in Stardew Valley. This can store almost twice as much as a regular chest and is definitely worth crafting because it holds up to 70 different types of items.

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How to Get a Big Chest in Stardew Valley

  • First, update the game to version 1.6 to get all the new content.
  • Visit Robin (she lives at 24 Mountain Road on The Mountain) and talk to her. Here’s the map location to find Robin.
robin carpenter shop location on stardew valley map
Robin’s map location / Image source: Play Daily
where to find robin stardew valley
Robin’s shop/ Image source: Play Daily
  • Purchase the Big Chest recipe for 5000 Gold.
  • The ingredients you require to craft the Big Chest are 120 Wood and 2 Copper Bar.

In case you are short of these resources or don’t know how to get them, here’s a quick step-by-step guide.

How to Get Wood

Players can cut trees and branches with an Axe to get Wood. Apart from this, it can be obtained from Fishing Treasure chests, from Chipped Hardwood, from Recycled or Chipped Driftwood, and produced in a Woodskip fish pond.

To collect a large quantity of Wood fast, you can keep an eye on the Feast of the Winter Star festival that happens on the 25th of every Winter. This is where you can receive 99 Wood as a gift from Robin.

How to Get Copper Bar

You can get a Copper Bar when you smelt 5 Copper Ore for 30 minutes in-game. For this, you need a furnace and 1 Coal as fuel. Coal may drop from normal rocks when you’re mining them but you can also get it from Fishing Treasure chests, purchased from Clint at the Blacksmith shop and via a Charcoal Kiln.

mines to find copper ore
Image source: Couchteamgaming
how to get copper ore stardew valley
Image source: Couchteamgaming

To get Copper Ore, head over to the mines and break rocks until you get ore. Now go home and go to bed. When you get up the next morning, Clint the Blacksmith should give you the blueprint for the Furnace.

furnace crafting recipe stardew valley
Image source: Couchteamgaming

Now go to the Crafting tab under the menu and check the ingredients you need to craft a Furnace and collect them. You need 25 Stone and 20 Copper Ore.

If you’re willing to take on a fight, you can kill Shadow Brute and Shadow Shaman to have a chance of getting a Copper Bar as a drop (4% chance). Of course, the previous method is the better option to get a guaranteed drop.

And now with Copper Bars and Wood obtained, you are ready to craft the Big Chest in Stardew Valley. For more information regarding all the latest additions to Stardew Valley like Moss, Mystery Boxes and more, explore our dedicated category.