Stardew Valley 1.6 Butterfly Powder Guide

Searching for the latest Butterfly Powder in Stardew Valley? Go to this location, purchase, and use it as we have given here.

After the Stardew Valley version 1.6 content update, it is now possible to keep multiple pets in your plot. While it is a fun addition, it can be quite a headache when your pet, especially we know which one is always lying in your path. If one wasn’t enough, now you have two. Fortunately for us, there is now a way to remove them from your farm using an item called Butterfly Powder.

Since the patch note doesn’t delve much into this item, you must be curious about where you can find it, how much it costs, who sells it, and how to use it. The answer for all that is right below, so scroll down and find out all you need to know about this powder.

Stardew Valley Butterfly Powder Location, Seller, and Cost

Stardew Valley Butterfly Powder Location
Buy Butterfly Powder from Krobus in Stardew Valley (Image Credit: MrJekko Gaming)

The Butterfly Powder is part of Krobus’ Shop fixed stock. Krobus has an unlimited quantity of it; each one costs 20,000g. You will find Krobus in The Sewers, which you unlock with the Rusty Key. The Rusty key is obtained from the curator Gunther of the Museum after donating 60 artifacts or mineral items.

There are two entrances to The Sewers. One is in the south of the Pelican Town and can be easily spotted, as it has sewer cover. Another is in the south of the Cindersap Forest, where you use Rusty Key to unlock the area. Once you have the powder, you should check out another item from Krobus’ Shop called Return Scepter. That is the most expensive item in the shop but is quite helpful for those who like to explore monster layers till late at night.

How to Use Butterfly Powder in Stardew Valley

Note: This is an irreversible process.

Select the purchased Butterfly Powder from your inventory, and keep it in your character’s hands. Look for the pet and sprinkle it on the one you want to remove. The pet will permanently disappear from your farm.

That’s all on where to find, buy, and use Butterfly Powder in Stardew Valley. Now that you have this item, you might be curious about what other things this update has brought. If you are, you should check out our 1.6 items list and find out what your Favorite Thing does.