How To Get Rusty Sewer Key In Stardew Valley

Collect this Rusty Key and open Sewers to trade with Krobus in Stardew Valley.

The Sewers is a locked area of Stardew Valley which players unlock with Rusty Key. Getting this key and entering the Sewer might not be easy though. It is a straightforward yet long process, and you must unlock the Sewers to buy items like Monster Fireplace, Void Essence, Solar Essence, and Sign of The Vessel Statue. So if are searching for the Rusty Sewer Key to unlock Sewers in Stardew Valley, read along and get access.

How to Find Rusty Key to Unlock Sewer in Stardew Valley

Find Rusty Sewer Key In Stardew Valley

The Rusty Sewer key is in the hands of Gunther, the Pelican Town’s museum operator. You will find Gunther from 8 am to 6 pm in the museum. To get the key from him, you must donate 60 items and till the next morning for him to come thank you and give you the Sewer Key.

Your character learns about this key by listening to the conversation between Jas and Vincent in Cindersap Forest.

  • After learning about the Stardew Valley Sewer Rusty Key, you can head to the Pelican Town’s museum in the southeast corner.
  • Approach the counter and select “Donate To Museum“.
  • Drag and place all the items you want to donate on the table.
  • Go back to the counter and select “Collect Rewards“. You will receive some items like Obsidian Vase as a reward, not a Rusty Stardew Valley Sewer Key.
  • Return to your home and wait for the next morning. As soon as you come out of your house in the morning, you will find Gunther standing near your door.
  • Gunther will talk about how much he appreciates your donation and will give you the Rusty Sewer Key.

Once you have obtained the Rusty Key to unlock Sewer in Stardew Valley, you should complete the task affiliated with the area to get items like Void Salmon. And also, check our other Stardew Valley guides to progress faster.