Stardew Valley 1.6: How To Find And Start The Desert Festival

Time to get ready for the Desert Festival in Stardew Valley, because it is here, and here’s how you can start it.

Festivals are common in this game, but with the 1.6 update, you can start the Desert Festival in Stardew Valley. It is a three-day event that happens yearly. Be sure to start saving up on your gold because if you haven’t repaired the bus yet, there are other matters you need to take care of before you can worry about the festival. However, once it starts, you can find various mini-games that you can play to win Calico eggs, which you can then redeem for some sweet rewards!

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How to Start the Desert Festival in Stardew Valley

How To Start Desert Festival In Stardew Valley
Image Credits: Small Bear on YouTube. Desert Festival starts in Stardew Valley.

First, the bus must be repaired before the Desert Festival can begin. Once it is working, this three-day event can be enjoyed during the Spring season.

  1. There are two ways you can fix the bus:
    • Restore Pelican Town’s Community Center: To access the vault, you must complete four bundles. After that, you can purchase all Vault bundles for 42,500 gold.
    • Get The Joja Corporation form: First, you must spend 5000 gold for the JojaMart Membership. After that, you can check the development form for the different projects. You must spend an additional 40,000 gold for the Bus Stop restoration project here.
  2. After you repair the bus, Pam (NPC) will become the driver.
  3. Next, take the bus to the Calico Desert between the 15th and 18th of the Spring season.
  4. Once you reach there, you will be notified that the Desert Festival is now open!

What to do During the Desert Festival?

Since it is a time-limited festival, you should play the various mini-games/do the activities that get you Calico eggs. You can make new dishes at the spicy food vendor, participate in the race, do the Skull Cavern Challenge, complete Willy’s Challenge of catching 3 Sandfish, and more. After you have enough Calico eggs, here are some of the things you can redeem it for:

  • Mummy Mask: 120 Calico eggs
  • Dark Violet Bow: 75 Calico eggs
  • Blue Bow: 50 Calico eggs
  • Mystery Box: 20 Calico eggs

That is all for the Desert Festival in Stardew Valley and what you can use Calico eggs for. Don’t forget to check our guide on the mods compatible with version 1.6. As for guides on other topics you can check out what character creator is and how to catch void salmon.