Stardew Valley 1.6 Tent Kit Guide

Ventured far looking for minerals and ores and have no time to return to farm? Use the new Tent Kit to pass the night outside without getting robbed in Stardew Valley.

Horse sure shortens the travel time, but even that is incapable of returning home when it’s just a few minutes to 2 am, you are near Adventurer’s Guild and haven’t yet unlocked Minecart. It is even worse when you are at a place like Ginger Island and have to first ride back to Pelican Town. The latest 1.6 update has resolved this issue for us, as now you can get a Tent Kit in Stardew Valley and put it to spend the night outside of your home.

Even with few restrictions the item is worth unlocking and crafting for the adventurers. With that said, here we have covered when you can unlock it, what it needs for its recipe, free tent location, and other ways to get it.

How to Get Tent Kits in Stardew Valley

Get Tent Kits in Stardew Valley
Get free Tent Kits in Ginger Island SDV (Image Credit: Radex Tips on YouTube)

There are three ways to get the Tent Kit in SDV – crafting, from a free package, and time-limited festival:

  • Grab free from Ginger Island
    • Take a boat from Willy’s Fish Shop to reach Ginger Island.
    • Go to the Eastern Jungle, and you will find a package on the right corner of the map. It has three tents.
  • Crafting
    • The Tent Kit recipe unlocks at the Foraging level 8 and is in the Crafting section. You need 10 Hardwood, 25 Fiber, and 1 Cloth for it.
    • Hardwood is obtained by chopping Mahogany Trees or the Large Logs of the Secret Woods. Fibers are gathered by removing the weeds. Lastly, Cloth is made with the Wool in a Loom.
  • Win in The Annual Trout Derby
    • The Annual Trout Derby is organized on the 20th and 21st of Summer in Cindersap Forest.
    • Your goal is to catch the Rainbow Trout or the Fishing Treasure Chest to get the Golden Tag. That Golden tag is exchanged at the booth for the rewards, where the first prize is a Tent Kit.

How to Use the Tent Kit

Like any furniture and decorative items of SDV, you have to select a tent from your inventory and then put it in the empty space. You cannot place it inside and it is only a one-time use. Due to this, it will get destroyed the next day you are up.

This concludes how to get and use a Tent Kit in Stardew Valley. Looking for more interesting topics? Check out our Butterfly Powder and Pine Tar guides.