How to Get Pine Tar in Stardew Valley and Uses

Pine Tar is a multipurpose item of the Stardew Valley that you can learn to get and use through this guide.

From growing raw materials to producing finished products that sell for good gold, there is so much one can do in Pelican Town. Getting and using the Pine Tar in Stardew Valley is one such thing you do for the quest, bundle, or crafting recipes of a few items. While most things we use this in, unlock at a high level, the item itself doesn’t take that long to produce.

If you are at level 3 of farming, you might already have discovered its first purpose and then went to look for the tar. You don’t need to search anywhere else, as here are all the steps you can follow to get it in SDV.

How to Obtain Pine Tar in Stardew Valley

Collect Pine Tar in Stardew Valley
Use Tapper to collect Pine Tar in Stardew Valley (Image Credit: Waifu Simulator 27 on YouTube)

Just like the real Pine Tar, you get it from Pine Trees. You place a Tapper on those trees and wait 5 to 6 days for the product. To craft Tapper, you need 40 Woods and 2 Copper Bars. The recipe for the same unlocks when you reach level 3 of the foraging. Chop trees for some time if you are not yet at this level, and you will get to it in a few days.

  • Once you have unlocked the recipe, place the required ingredients in the inventory and go to the Crafting section. It uses a hammer icon.
  • Now, look for the Tapper and drag it to inventory for crafting.
  • Search for the Pine Tree (cone-shaped), hold the Tapper, and click on the tree to place it.
  • Wait for about a week, you will see a Pine Tar icon over the Tapper.
  • Take it and keep farming for more every week.

Alternatively, you can get this item by processing Hardwood in a Wood Chipper. However, it rarely gives the tar, so it is best to rely on the first method.

How to Use Pine Tar?

The item is used for three crafting recipes, Exotic Foraging Bundle of Community Center, dyeing, tailoring, and Fish Pond quest. The three things you make with this tar are Loom, Speed-Gro, and Rain Totem. Loom and Speed-Gro use one, and Rain Totem uses 5 tar. In tailoring, it can be used as a spool to create Floppy Beanie.

With this, you can now get and use the Pine Tar in Stardew Valley. For more guides like this, make sure to check our dedicated section. We have covered topics like how to get Dehydrator and where to find the Bookseller as well.