Monster Hunter Stories 2: How To Get Tigrex Royal?

Find out how to find, tame, and get Tigrex Royal or collect its eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Finding Royal Tigrex can be a tedious task if you are not sure where to look for it. With our guide, you will be able to find and get a Royal Tigrex easily in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Tigrex Royal

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Royal Tigrex

In Monster Hunter Stories 2 you can easily find Royal Tigrex sleeping on Basarios Rocks near Inner Catavan Outpost in Harzgai Rocky Hill. Another one will be on top of the hill when you travel the main path in Harzgai Rocky Hill when you enter from Alcala Highlands. You can also find Tigrex Royal near Wendwood in Alcala Highlands. It will be sleeping on these locations, and if you get close they will attack you.

Tigrex is among the first Royal monsties you come across in MHS 2. These Flying Wyverns charge with their sharp claws and use limbs and jaws to attack you. During an enraged state, they will be able to execute two moves during a single turn. They use powerful skills while charging towards you. You need to find a way around to avoid these skills to beat them in a battle.

How to Get Tigrex Egg in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Tigrex Egg

To get the Tigrex egg in Monster Hunter Stories 2 you need to make it retreat to its den. You need to follow it and then grab the eggs when it is sleeping. You can throw a Paintball to increase the chances of it retreating back to the den. You also need to use a Great Sword to break its head, once you use a Shock Trap. If you follow these steps you can easily make Tigrex flee and eventually collect its egg. If you don’t want to go through all these troubles, then you can easily find lots of Tigrex once you enter the fourth region. This is an easier way if you are ready to wait and skip the royal genes.

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