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Loop Hero: How To Unlock Suburbs Card

Here's how to unlock Suburbs in Loop Hero by upgrading a certain card.

Many players are wondering how to unlock the Suburbs card in Loop Hero. There are multiple steps you have to complete before you can get your hands on Suburbs. To make things easier for you, we have created this guide on getting this field tile card easily.

How to Unlock Suburbs in Loop Hero


To get the Suburbs card in Loop Hero, you have to first unlock Gymnasium and level it up to level 2. When you upgrade, it will turn it into an Academy card. This will unlock the Suburbs card for you. Note that this card can only be placed next to other Suburbs if they are available. It will also boost the EXP you gain from killing your enemies by 1.

With the process all cleared up, here’s what you will need for it.

To get the Gymnasium, you will require 3 Preserved Rock, 2 Stable Wood, 6 Stable Metal and 1 Metamorphosis. The Gym will also give you the ability to get special traits when you kill monsters during your expeditions. Plus, it will unlock the Village card. Villages will help you unlock quests so it’s a pretty useful card. Apart from this, it will also spawn Bandit Camps.


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So, go ahead and set your sights on the Gymnasium, upgrade it and that’s the trick you need to use to unlock the Suburb card in Loop Hero.

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