How To Check Out Quests In Loop Hero

Confused and wondering about how to check the quest in Loop Hero? Check it out right here

Quests in Loop Hero can be confusing as finding them feels like a challenge in itself, while the game invites players to experiment with the game mechanics, finding a quest can be challenging as you won’t find any text that will notify you of your quest. If you wish to know how to find quests in Loop Hero, check this guide out.

How To See Quests In Loop Hero

To see quests in Loop Hero, you will need to place a village tile and travel through it, it will provide you with a small amount of HP boost as well as give you your next quest. Make sure to check for any new monsters that spawn with a yellow crown. Defeating that monster is your quest, and like this whenever you travel over any village tile, you will get new quests.

how to see quests in loop hero
To see quests in loop hero place and travel through a village tile

While Loop Hero does not let you take control of your character, you have the ability to add in resources or obstacles for your characters by using tiles, each tile has a different description and property aligned to it. Once you place the tile, these properties take effect and you will get either a helping boost or a challenge to complete.

If you wish to get better quests and with that even better rewards, you will need to place different tiles next to the village tile to create different combinations.

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The premise of the game is simple as all you have to do is save the world from darkness and bring it back to fill it with life. Loop Hero is one of the most addictive games that has been released over the past few weeks and is breaking steam records along the way.

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