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Loop Hero Deck Building Guide: Which Card to Choose First?

Confused about how to build a deck in Loop Hero? Read our base building walkthrough for details on how to use deck cards.

Before you enter the battle zone, deck building is an important part of Loop Hero. It may look simple card-like base building mission, but it is not. Deck Building consists of different cards, each has a combo effect. Enemies changes depending on your choices and this will help to progress further. In this guide, I will share some important Loop Hero deck-building tips. Using them you can plan your way ahead, and progress to higher ranks.

Loop Hero Deck Building Walkthrough

Without an optimized deck, you cannot survive long in the game. Picking random cards increases the chances of unlocking tougher enemies. They won’t let you move further, and to survive you need an optimized deck of correct structures. Here’s what to do at the start of Loop Hero.

What are Loop Hero Classes?

Loop Hero Classes Tips

The first question every player must ask before starting this game. Classes are an integral part of the main character. There are three classes in Loop Hero. They are Warrior Class, Rogue Class, and our Necromancer. You can also change class during the gameplay. Choice of decks changes depending on the class. Every card on the deck comes with a certain stats boost and unlocks something. For example, a Campfire can restore 30% of max health and it keeps the monsters away. Cards also let you unlock new Loop Hero classes. Choice of your class and then cards associated with will give your Hero enough power to survive longer. Do not forget to check the description of the card and see how it helps your hero class. We have a guide on the list of all cards in Loop Hero.

Types of Cards?

Loop Hero Deck Card Walkthrough

There are five types of cards in Loop Hero. Each focuses on a unique trait of deck building. Knowing the types will help you to build a strong base in Loop Hero.

  1. Road Cards: Build New Terrian, replace wasteland tiles, and spawn enemies.
  2. Roadside Cards: Modify adjacent tiles.
  3. Landscape Cards: Change landscape and unlock new buffs.
  4. Special Cards: Rare cards, can unlock special powers for example spawn treasure or speed up time.
  5. Golden Cards: Powerful cards that reward you with new unlocks. Impacts overall gameplay.

Understanding card combos play a big role in building a powerful deck in Loop Hero. Certain cards go well with some type of cards. Do not blindly link cards, make sure you go through the description and understand the mechanism well.

Best Card Parameters Combo?

Loop Hero Deck Combos

Cards management is tough in Loop Hero. There are many cards on the deck and it is not easy to remember the combo effect of each card. Deck Building Menu tells which all cards are unlocked and from here you can organize them. At the start, you can pick one from the three available paths. Play as a warrior who slays demons or becomes a world builder. Or just play as a city planner. All rely on your hero class and the types of cards you pick. Killing more demons unlocks more cards, but your hero will also need a health boost. This where the placement of the right cards plays a big role in survival.

Remember placing cards also add challenges in front of your hero. So do not overload your deck with unnecessary cards. Every challenge has a reward, if the hero can complete it you will unlock new things in the game. The objective must be survival as well as defending against the enemies.

You can experiment with card combos, for example placing meadows that will heal your hero. But placing meadows on different tile unlocks blooming meadows that offer extra health points to the hero. When you are playing cards keep an eye on the bar on the left corner of the screen. It will fill up which indicates what’s coming up. Will, there be a higher number of enemies spawn in the morning or evening.

One final tip for Loop Hero deck building is to retreat before you die. You can return to your camp by pressing the retreat button on the cozy camp tile. You will not lose any of your rewards if you can safely get back to the camp. You will lose 40% of your resource if you hit the retreat button on any other title. If you die you will lose 70% of your resource. Before I end with this guide refer to the following quick tips that will help you a lot in building the best base in Loop Hero.

Quick Deck Building Tips: 

  • Build Herbalist Hut: Unlocking Healing Potion.
  • Build Kitchen: Boost Healing by 10%.
  • New structures unlock new deck cards, so keep building.
  • Keep an eye on the day meter.
  • Focus on unlocking high-level gears.
  • Smartly place tiles, for example, a 3×3 grid of Mountain Cards gives you 120HP extra.

That’s it for the Loop Hero deck building guide. I will be updating this guide with more info in the coming time. Till then you can scan through our Loop Hero Wiki section to get the latest tips and tricks on the game.