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How Many Chapters Or Acts Does Loop Hero Have?

Wondering about how many chapters or acts there are in Loop Hero? Check them all right here

Are you wondering about how many acts or chapters there are in Loop Hero? The premise of the game is to keep playing in a loop but there’s still a lot of variety when it comes to the game. If you wish to know about all the acts and chapters in the game, make sure to read the rest of this guide.

How Many Chapters Or Acts Are There In Loop Hero


There are 4 chapters or acts in Loop Hero, but each chapter and act will give you multiple hours of activities and content in the game. Your objective is to keep playing in a loop and get better items and weapons in the game. Each tile placement combo and synergy will open up a new option in the game.

how many chapters or acts are there in Loop Hero
There are a total of 4 Chapters or acts in Loop Hero

Knowing what tile merged with the other will take a lot of time and while you only get a total of 4 chapters with the end being you defeating the Lich, there are hundreds of hours of content that lies in between. With the world taken over by the Lich, you will have to keep playing in loops in this rogue-like game that will keep on puzzling you.


Loop Hero has been an instant hit ever since it was released on Steam and players have been discovering new things every day. All of the three classes available to players in the game will give you a new playstyle to discover.

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