Loop Hero: What Is Loop HP

Here's everything you need to know about Loop HP in Loop Hero.

Loop Hero is not so forgiving game if you don’t know which card to place when. You may take damage while fighting other creatures in this world. But by using some specific Traits you can make sure to heal constantly. Traits are the passive abilities unlocked by beating bosses and can be obtained each time your character levels up. That is, each time you are level up, you will be presented with three traits to choose from. You may only select one from the three options. The choice will stay active with you for the entire duration of the run. Traits like Buckler, Residual Heat & Surveyor will heal you while exploring the loop. So to understand more about this, let us look at what is Loop HP in Loop Hero.

What Is Loop Hp in Loop Hero?

Loop Hero What Is Loop HP

Loop HP is the overall HP you have during each Loop cycle. There three different traits that help you to gain your lost HP during a run. They are:

  • Buckler: Every counterattack restores 1.5×loop HP (Warrior Class only).
  • Residual Heat: Receive 3×loop HP after the skeleton’s death (Necromancer Class only).
  • Surveyor: +0.5×loop HP for an adjacent road-side tile while passing a tile (All Class applicable).

So as you see the best Trait to unlock early on the game for Loop HP is Surveyor Trait. It will grant you a small bit of HP every time you pass through the tile with an adjacent road-side tile. This will boost your HP vastly later in the game as your loop will have structures almost completely. Each time you pass through any of the tiles, you will keep accumulating HP.So the longer you run, the more the heal you gain. So make use to unlock Surveyor Trait and choose it when your hero levels up.

That’s basically everything you need to know about what is Loop HP in Loop Hero. While you are here, check out more of our Loop Hero Guides for more articles with exciting secrets and tips.