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Loop Hero: Are Boss Rewards Permanent?

Here's the answer to your question of 'Are Loop Hero boss rewards permanent?'

There are 5 bosses in Loop Hero namely The Lich, Omega, The Priestess, The Hunter and the Secret boss. These main enemies are pretty tough to beat – you need the right tile combination and cards to make sure that you don’t die in this nostalgic RPG game. When you do end up dying, though, you will be able to keep only 30% of the resources you have accumulated so make sure to retreat at the right time. Now, as you may already know, these aforementioned bosses are beatable again and again. This might lead you to wonder “Are the Loop Hero boss rewards permanent?” Today, let’s tackle this one.

Are Boss Rewards Permanent in Loop Hero?


Loop Hero are Boss Rewards Permanent

The answer in one word is yes, all the boss rewards are permanent in Loop Hero. But there’s more to the story. The trait chosen will only be effective for the duration of that loop run. In that sense, the permanent rewards will be the Traits you can unlock/learn permanently in the game. Each time you defeat a boss you will be allowed to select between 3 rewards. You can choose to unlock/learn a trait or take a resource cache. If you learn a trait when it will be available for you to choose whenever you level up in the game. You can choose one from the three randomly-selected traits available with each level up. Your newly learned traits will be added to this list. So yes the boss trait rewards are permanent in Loop Hero. And now they may appear as a Trait choice next time you level up.

That’s basically everything you need to know about Loop Hero boss rewards being permanent or not. While you are here, check out more of our Loop Hero Guides for more articles with exciting secrets and tips.