Loop Hero: What To Build First In The Game

Here are our recommendations on what to build first in Loop Hero.

Knowing what to build first in Loop Hero is important because it can set the tone for how your game will turn out to be. Although the core of the game is simple, there are many unexplained things in this strategic RPG game which can make players confused. Mainly, how do you get started with your buildings? The number of Cards and their benefits can be overwhelming if you don’t know which direction to head into. Don’t worry, this guide will help you begin on the right track that you can try out. It’s not the only way to go about it but it’s one way to get you started.

What to Build First in Loop Hero?

what to construct first early buildings loop hero

You can start off by building the Herbalist’s Hut first primarily because you can get Healing Potions in the game. When you take on different enemies or bosses, you may end up dying if you don’t have access to Potions so Herbalist’s Hut will come in handy and heal your health when you need it. You need 2 Preserved Wood, 3 Preserved Stone and 4 Food Supplies to build a Herbalist’s Hut. The Potions will even recharge when you pass the camp in your loop. As the Hero, you have the ensure that you don’t die so you can return to camp if you think you are not going to make it.

Rogue Class

Next, you can build the Field Kitchen because it will increase your healing by 10% each time you pass the cozy camp. You need 3 Preserved Wood, 2 Preserved Stone and 1 Food Supply to make the Field Kitchen in Loop Hero. Focus on this building as a priority if you are playing as the Rogue class. You can also build the Refuge which needs 12 Preserved Wood, 4 Stable Metal, 2 Preserved Stone and 7 Food Supplies. Also keep the Smithy in mind if you are confused about which other structure to build early on in the game.

Necromancer Class

The next building to construct can be Field Kitchen as well and after getting the Field Kitchen, you can build the Gymnasium. It will give you special traits or bonus abilities when you kill a certain number of enemies. You will need 2 Stable wood, 6 Stable Metal, 3 Preserved Rock and 1 Metamorphosis to unlock the Gymnasium. After the Gym, create a Cemetery which needs 14 Preserved Stone, 4 Stable Wood and 2 Stable Metal. After that, go ahead and build the Crypt which requires 4 Stable Wood, 9 Stable Metal, 16 Preserved Stone and 1 Orb of Expansion. This is particularly useful for the Necromancer.

So those are all the constructions you can get started with in this game. With these suggestions, you can try out your own ideas and see how your experience changes along the way. No matter what you choose, though, the game is going to be addictive!

That’s all about what to build first in Loop Hero. If you need any more help, check out our Loop Hero guides right away.