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Icarus How To Join Coop Multiplayer & Play With Friends

Here's how to join & play with friends in Icarus.

On planet Icarus, survival is hard since the time exotics obstructed the terraforming. With evolved lifeforms all over the planet ready to kill the alien, you, it’s best to explore these dangerous lands with your friends to back you up if something goes south. So if you are wondering how to join & play with friends in Icarus, then this guide is curated for you.

How to Invite, Join & Play With Friends in Icarus (Multiplayer Guide)

How to Invite, Join & Play With Friends in Icarus

First and foremost you need to make sure your friend also has a copy of Icarus installed on their PC. With your friend already on your Steam friends’ list and the game installed in their system, you are ready to play with them. Here’s how to join & play with friends in Icarus:

  1. Begin with a new “Prospect”
  2. Choice your weapons and gear
  3. Now the game prompts you with a new window
  4. Now you will have to choose the correct Lobby Settings
  5. Set your “Privacy Type” as “Friends Only”
  6. Once you start the game, press Shift+Tab (Steam Overlay)
  7. Find your friend’s name and right-click on the name
  8. Click on “Invite to Lobby”
  9. Now they can join you anytime you are playing that particular “Prospect”

If you are the one joining friends in Icarus then:

  • Ask your friend to send you an invitation
  • Then press Shift+Tab to check your Steam chat
  • Click on the “Click Here to Join” button
  • You can also right-click on your friend’s name and click on “Join Game”

Check out our video showcasing these steps here:

It’s really helpful to have your friends along with you while exploring the wilderness of Icarus. You can team up with players to collect resources and construct shelters to survive. Icarus can also be a fun place to check out with your friends covering your back.

That’s everything about how to how to join & play with friends in Icarus. For more Icarus guides like how to check Icarus server status, stay with Gamer Tweak!