What Do The Gold & Red Masks Do In Sons Of The Forest? (Answered)

Confused about what to do with the masks? Check out our guide that explains what do the Gold and Red Masks do in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest features various kinds of items and resources that players must keep in handy to survive the monstrosity. With the large hordes of c*annibals, you need masks to blend in with them. While these masks don’t have any unique skills or abilities, they can help you get camouflaged. This has got several players confused about their uses and what to do with them. Not to worry, check out our that explains what the Gold and Red Masks do in Sons of the Forest.

What the Sons Of The Forest Gold & Red Masks Do

what do gold red masks do sons of the forest

The Red Masks can particularly scare away some low tiers of C*annibal enemies. On the other hand, with the Gold Masks, you can scare stronger and higher tiers of C*annibals. You can use the Gold and Red Masks when the C*annibals start acting as a horde and come in large waves. As you equip any of the Masks, the large group of enemies will stop attacking and identify you as one of them.

There is also an ongoing theory that wearing the Gold Masks represents being the leader of the pack. That’s because, with this Mask, the mutated creatures even start following you around.

How to Get Red Mask

You can get the Red Mask by crafting it via the 3D Printer. For that, you must find the 3D Printer if you haven’t already. You need 150 ml of Printer Resin to craft the Red Mask in the Tech Mesh within 15 seconds. Also, note that you would also need Keycards to unlock the different levels of facilities.

You can check out our detailed guide on how to craft the Red Mask in Sons of the Forest for more insight.

How to Get Gold Mask

Unlike the Red Mask, you cannot craft the Gold Mask. Instead, you have to find it inside the inland bunker. You can find this underground bunker to the southeast of the snowy mountains on the map. As you head inside, head inside the level 5 room to get the Gold Mask. You can find the Gold in the same bunker where you found the Golden Armor. But if you are unable to find this Mask, check out our location guide on how to get the Gold Mask in Sons of the Forest.

what do gold red masks do sons of the forest

Once you have acquired the masks, you can wear and equip them directly from the Inventory Section. For that, press the I key button to wear the masks.

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