How To Craft Red Mask In Sons Of The Forest

Learn how to make the Red Mask and how to exactly use it in Sons of The Forest.

With the launch of Sons of the Forest, many players are finding tons of new stuff, one such thing is the Red Mask. After crashing down in the deep forest, you will need to survive against the local psychos and mutants around. Fortunately, there are things you can do to avoid them altogether. Let’s learn more about the Red Mask and what exactly it does in Sons of the Forest.

How to Make Red mask in Sons of the Forest

red mask sons of the forest

So you must have already been welcomed by the local residents in Sons of the Forest, if you know how ruthless they are, you are going to need the Red Mask. The Red Mask is an interesting little item that is crafted via the 3D Printer. Refer to our other article on how to find a 3D printer, if you haven’t already.

How to Craft Red Mask

You will need 150ml of Printer Resin at the 3D Printer in order to craft the Red Mask. It will take around 15 seconds for it to be printed. You can’t really understand the purpose of it in the game as the game doesn’t tell you. But that is pretty much all you need to make the Red Mask. You should be able to equip it now.

Uses of Red Mask

Basically, the point of the Red Mask is that it’s a disguise. It helps you avoid detection from mutant enemies. Keep in mind that it only works for a limited time and from a good distance. If you get too near to them and if you stay around too long they will find out your true identity. It also does not work if they saw you before equipping the mask.

In order to equip the mask, click on it in your inventory then hold the left mouse button to hold the mask up to your face. As long as it is on your face, you will be disguised.

That is all you need to know about the Red Mask. For more guides like this, check out our other articles like how to get fish and how to find the Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest.