How To Get A Cross In Sons Of The Forest (Secret Weapon)

Here's everything you should know about the Cross in Sons of the Forest.

There are several weapons for you to use but a Cross/Crucifix is a unique secret equipment. While an arrow or bullet may somehow fail to defend you, a Cross can burn down the maneater demon any day of the year. However, it is not readily available and will require you to explore the map. Luckily, we have done the work here for you. So, check out this guide that features the location where you can find a Cross in Sons of the Forest. Also, learn how to use it to fend off the demons.

Cross Location in Sons of the Forest

Cross Location in Sons of the Forest

You can get the Cross inside a bunker entrance as shown in the image above. To be precise, it is a bunker located on the northeastern part of the island near the coast. Here, you will need a Maintenance Keycard to enter the bunker. If you don’t have it, then check out this guide where we have mentioned Maintenance Keycard’s Location.

Further, once you are inside the bunker, use the stairs to reach level 4 underneath. Once you reach level 4, take a left turn and walk across the room. Upon taking an exit from all the rooms, take a right turn and walk down the stairs.

Cross Location in Sons of the Forest

In the end, take 2 left turns and reach a private room as shown in the image below. Enter the room behind the hanging corpse. Therein, you will find the Cross on a desk that is on the left of the dining table.

How to Use A Cross / Crucifix

Now that you have a Cross in Sons of the Forest, let us know about using it. You may feel like the Cross is completely useless, but it’s not true. In fact, a Cross burns the Demons under a bunker filled with lava. Also, you will find this bunker eventually in the game. While having the Cross equipped, use it as a weapon against the Demons. Feeling the effects of it, they will turn into ashes.

For your reference, here is a Video that will help you in the process:

That covers everything about the Cross in Sons of the Forest. Meanwhile, you are here, make sure to check out our other Sons of the Forest Guides on Gamer Tweak.