Sons Of The Forest Gold Mask: How To Get & Use It

Want to lead the pack of mutants? Check out our guide on how to get and use Gold Mask in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest features several utility items and consumables that players must keep in handy to survive. One of these items includes the Gold Mask which can be used to evade the hordes of mutants and other monstrosities around the island. While several items can be crafted, you cannot craft this Mask by any means. Instead, you have to scavenge and find it. So, check out our guide on how to get and use the Gold Mask in Sons of the Forest.

How to Get Gold Mask in Sons of the Forest (Location)

You can get the Gold Mask inside the same inland bunker where you found the Golden Armor. This underground bunker is located southeast of the snowy mountains on the map. But unlike the Golden Armor, you have to head to Level 5 rather than Level 2.

So, follow the below steps to find and get the Gold Mask in Sons of the Forest:

  • Firstly, scoop inside the narrow passage of the Caves through its entrance.
  • We suggest lighting a torch or using a Flashlight to pass through the dark.
  • Climb down the stairs and find a door to the lowest level on your right.
  • You have to use the Maintenance or the Blue Keycard to unlock that door
  • From there, head down the stairs to find an already unlocked door.
  • Then, head straight into an unlocked door with a small “emergency door” icon-sized sign above it.
  • Pass through corridors to find some stairs leading you to the lower levels.
  • Now, climb down those stairs to head inside Level 5.
  • As you enter level 5, head straight and take a left to find a morgue. Over here, you will find the Gold mask laying on a dead body.
  • Press the E key button to pick and get the Gold Mask.
how to get use gold mask sons of the forest
Image Source – WoW Quests on YouTube.

How to Use Gold Mask

Similar to other masks, the Gold mask allows you to camouflage with other mutated monsters. There’s an ongoing plausible theory that the Gold Mask represents the leader of the pack or tribe among the mutants. It is worn by elite mutants that are comparatively challenging to defeat. So, it’s only valid that other mutants will avoid fighting you when wearing the Golden mask.

What’s better than to lead a tribe of mutants rather than just camouflaging among them?

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