Where Should You Build Your Base In Sons Of The Forest? (Best Locations)

These are the locations and things you should consider when building your base in Sons of the Forest.

Building a base is easy in Sons of the Forest, but building it at the right spot is not so much. There are many things you should keep in mind when making a base. For example, how will you get food, where will you collect resources from, and more. So in this guide check out the 3 best base locations in Sons of the Forest and what to consider when building one.

Best Base Locations in Sons of the Forest

best base location in sons of the forest

The 3 best locations where you can build your base are:

  • Besides River: Running water is very important in this game. Not only is it clean making it useful for immediate consumption. But you also get fish from it. So you also get a good food supply. Now find some space of land nearby and you can build a reliable base in no time.
  • Forest: Building your base in a forest is a very good idea. Forests are good for resources, you can find plenty of trees and animals nearby. So not only are you set with food by meat from different animals. But gathering wood and other materials for your base also becomes easier. The only thing you should take into consideration is that there should be running water nearby. This will help you quench your thirst timely.
  • Crash site: Not just any site, to be specific you should crash at the location as in the above image. In case you do crash someplace where other than here, like at some beach or on a snowy biome then simply restart your game. The best part is you can even skip the game’s cutscenes. So the process shouldn’t take much longer. The above crash site uses the best of both the suggested locations above, making your survival a whole lot easier. Not to mention you can resupply yourself from resources from the boxes that you crash with.

Things to Consider when Building your Base in Sons of the Forest

things to consider when building a base in sons of the forest

These are the things you should take into account when setting up your base in this game.

  • Easy access to resources: Animals give you meat that you can eat whenever you are starving to fix your hunger. And clean water is needed whenever you are thirsty. Once you have the means to get these two resources, you have two major concerns out of your way. And speaking of resources you will also need plenty of wood to make your base. So make sure you can have access to these things as soon as you need them.
  • Have spare area: While initially your base might be small, you might want to expand it. So setting up your base in some place with an incline might make you do a lot of rework. So make sure you can set up your base on some flat grounds where you can expand it easily.
  • Avoid beaches and snowy areas: Not only do these places lack resources. But a place where there is a lot of snow will also make you cold. So while it might appear beautiful visually. In terms of survival, both beaches and snowy mountains don’t have as much to offer as some other areas.
  • Plan your defenses: The mutants in this game can climb trees. So tree houses are not an option for a base. But even on the ground, there are several enemies that can attack you. So setting up a spiked defensive wall can help you out. And if you can make your base in an elevated region then you have another upper hand when it comes to your defense, pun intended.

That covers this guide on the 3 best locations to build your base in Sons of the Forest and the things to consider for it. Since we are talking about the basics you should also find our guides useful on how to craft items and the best weapons to use at the start. And for any other help on this game be sure to check out our Sons of the Forest section.