All Weapons List For Sons Of The Forest & The Best One To Use At Start

Here are the different weapons that you can use in Sons of the Forest.

There is a variety of weapons for you to choose from in Sons of the Forest. But as you progress through the game, you will find better weapons to replace them with. And so knowing which ones you can find, should help you keep an eye out for them. So here is a list of all weapons in Sons of the Forest and the best ones to use at the start.

All Weapons List for Sons of the Forest

best weapons to start sons of the forest with and complete list

Weapon Type
Crafted Axe Axe
Fire Axe Axe
Modern Axe Axe
Tactical Axe Axe
Bomb Crafted
Bow and Arrows Crafted
Club Crafted
Molotov Cocktail Crafted
Slingshot Crafted
Spear Crafted
Torch Crafted
Combat Knife Knife
Machete Knife
Bone Melee
Chainsaw Melee
Flare Melee
Guitar Melee
Katana Melee
Logs Melee
Putter Melee
Rocks Melee
Severed arm Melee
Severed leg Melee
Shovel Melee
Sticks Melee
Stun Baton Melee
Compound Bow Ranged
Crossbow Ranged
Grenades Ranged
Pistol Ranged
Revolver Ranged
Shotgun Ranged
Stun Gun Ranged

Best Weapons to Use at Start in SotF

The best weapon from each type at the start are:

  • Tactical Axe: This is the weapon you start with. Very handy for gathering materials and setting up your base during your first few days. But a few hits from this can also help you eliminate the mutants that wander around your base. Or come to attack you.
  • Bow & arrows and Spear: These weapons are the easiest to craft at the beginning. They need very few materials like Sticks, Rope, Duct Tape, and Cloth. But can not only be useful for hunting animals but also protecting yourself from enemies.
  • Combat Knife: This is the default knife you get when starting. Machete is the best for slicing up your foes. But you have to make do with this until you can unlock that.
  • Bone: You can acquire it easily by killing the mutants that come to attack you. Next burn their bodies and you will get yourself a handy melee weapon, pun intended.
  • Pistol: Again one of the easier weapons to find early. You can find the Pistol on the Survival raft floating in the ocean. The only catch is that there is a shark near the raft. So make sure you don’t rush in hastily or you might die.

Do remember that these aren’t the best weapons in the game. These are just the best weapons that you can use at the start until you find better weapons.

That covers this guide on the weapons list for Sons of the Forest and the best ones to use at the start. I suggest you also check our Sons of the Forest section if you need more help with this game.