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Final Fantasy 7 Remake List of All Side Quest & Rewards

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake has more than twenty side quest which unlocks unique rewards. You cannot miss them because some of the FF7 Remake side quests bring important rewards. And it is fun to complete them. You can play this small quest during your main missions or when you have access to a new region. Once you proceed you fast travel back to all the previous locations and complete the side quest. So here is the list of every side quest in Final Fantasy 7, their main objectives and rewards you will unlock on completing them.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake List of all Side Quest and how to Unlock them?

Some Side-quest is pretty easy to find like Chadley’s Battle Intel Report. He is found in multiple locations. By default to unlock these side missions, you will have to find and meet an NPC. So here is a chapter wise list of all side quest in FF7 Remake.

Chapter 3

  1. Chadley’s Report – While exploring with Tifa you will find Chadley where he will ask you to gather some data. You will unlock Auto-Cure Materia.
  2. Lost Friends – Here is how you can find a cute girl playing on the west of Beginners Hall. Help her to find her cats and you will unlock Maiden’s Kiss.
  3. Rat Problem – Talk to the item store owner, on the west side of Seventh Heaven. He will ask you to clear up a pipe full of rats. Look for a chest in the are for 3 grenades and 5 Hi-potions after defeating the Doom Rat.
  4. On the Prowl – Find Wymer and he will ask you to visit Scrap Boulevard. Locate the Wrath hound in the west of Rust Boulevard. You will be rewarded with Elixir.
  5. Nuisance in the Factory – Locate the Junk Dealer behind the Seventh Heaven. This quest usually offers you items like Sedatives, Fire Materia, 500 Gil hidden inside Shinra Crates.
  6. Just Flew In From The Graveyard – The Junk Dealer will give you another task after competing for the above one, just follow the quest marker. Talk to Gwen.

Chapter 8

  1. Kids on Patrol – Talk to Ms. Folia in the Leaf House, out of the building. She will tell about some kids who are missing. You will unlock a new weapon for Cloud after completing this side quest – the Nail Bat.
  2. Weapons On A Rampage – This is a random mission that starts when you hear about Shinra floating eyeballs. You will find people talking about the same. You will have to hunt them down in Nuts n Bolts. There are three enemies here called Monodrive Mark IIs. Complete the quest to unlock Protective Boots.
  3. Verified Hero – Play one of the Whack-a-Box to finish this quest. It is an easy mission all you need to score differently to get max Gil. Want 30000 Points?
  4. Angel of the Slums – Talk to Damon the reporter near the community center. Then meet Mireille inside the community center for more details. Go to Nuts n Bolts Hill to complete the objective. You will earn 2000 Gils.
  5. Paying Respects – After completing Weapon on a Rampage, look for the Weapon shop and talk to the Old Man. He will ask you to kill some monsters, but for this you will need Graveyard Key. Go to Moogle Emporium which is a secret kids hideout to buy the key. You will unlock Studded Bracer Armor after completing this side quest.

Chapter 9

  1. Burning Thigh – Go to the Gym in the south of Wall Market. Here you will have to win the squat mini game. Unlock three mega-potion and earn Sultan of Squat Trophy.
  2. The Party Never Stops – On the North of Gym in the Clothing Shop talk to the owner. He will ask you to find his drunk father. You will unlock Turbo Ether. (Chocobo Sam Route).
  3. A Dynamite Body – Talk to Sam and go to Colosseum to fight. You will unlock Arcane Scepter weapon for Aerith. (Chocobo Sam Route).
  4. The Price of Thievery  – Find and talk to Mirielle outside the Wall Market. Go to Evergreen Park and enter the Collapsed Highway. You will have to right a few bandits here. You will unlock Turbo Ether and a Real Calling Card. (Madam M Route)
  5. Shears’ Counterattack  –  Complete The Price of Thievery and Burning Thighs. Talk to Madam M and unlock a new challenge in Colosseum.  (Madam M Route).

Chapter 14

  1. Missing Children  –  In Sector 5 Undercity talk to Ms. Folia outside the Kids Hideout. You will earn Time Materia.
  2. Chocobo Search  –  In Sector 5 Undercity outside the train station find Chocobo Sam’s Stablehands. He will ask you to find some lost Chocobos. You will unlock Sam’s Lifetime Pass.
  3. Secret Medicine –  In Sector 5 Undercity you will find a doctor who want your help in crafting his secret medicine. Here is how to complete this quest, and you will unlock Teluric Scriptures Vol. III as a reward.
  4. Corneo’s Secret Stash –  In Sector 5 Undercity find Damon the Reporter. To complete this quest you will have to complete Toomboy Bandit Quest and then return to the reporter. You will unlock “Divine Gratitude” Trophy and Art of Swordplay Vol. III manuscript.
  5. Tomboy Bandit: Aligned with the above quest, just help Johnny to find his wallet back.
  6. The Power of Music – In Wall Market find the jukebox in the park on the est of inn. Find Betty and she will ask you to find music disk. You will get Sharpshooters Companion Vol. III.
  7. Wavering Heart – In the same Wall Market area, go to gym and find Andrea. Complete pullup mini game and earn some additional rewards.
  8. Malicious Goons – Go to Madam M’s parlor in the north end of Wall Market. After talking to her meet Aerith. You will find guys in the vacant lot, here deal with some goons to complete the quest.
  9. Subterranean Menace – In Wall Market area, go to Evergreen Park to talk to Wymer. He will tell about a monster – Behemoth. Defeat this creature and earn Sharpshooter’s Companion Vol. III.

Completing the above quest will hep you to unlock additional rewards. Stay tune for more updates in the game or check out our FF7 Remake Wiki to know more.