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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Subterranean Menace Walkthrough – Behemoth Boss Fight

Taking down this massive monster is not easy

In Sector 6 Undercity – Evergreen Park after talking to Wymer you will unlock the Subterranean Menace side quest in FF7 Remake. The objective of this side quest is to find and defeat a Behemoth who is ruling the mining area underground. Also, it is an important quest to find Behemoth Horn item to complete the FF7 Remake Secret Medicine Side Quest. In this guide, you will find tips on how to defeat the behemoth boss in Final Fantasy 7 Remake and complete the Subterranean Menace Quest.


Where to find Behemoth in Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

Meet Wymer in 6 Undercity – Evergreen Park, he is standing outside Sam’s Delivery Station. Talking to him will unlock the Subterranean Menace quest, take the path on the right end to go Underground. Continue walking through the tunnel until you reach a dead end. There is a stair that will take you to the underground site area.

Behemoth’s cry is audible in this region, the objective is to find the monster. After crossing the tunnel you will cross a room to a massive area with metal platforms. The objective is to go to the bottom. When the road ends to look for stairs near two cage type structures and a big white cylinder.

Climb up, your path will be blocked by few enemies. A sweeper and a few smaller ones. Deal with them and then go further down. This new area has big cages. Follow going down until you reach an end spot, look for the fan in the right corner.


Cross the fan and once again continue making your way to the bottom. This will take you to a room where you can rest and refill everything. Use the blue bench to fill up your health gauge, so that you can preserve potions in the battle. You have to keep walking until you reach a second huge fan, it has a hole in the bottom. Use the stairs to go down and cross the underground region until you see an exit on the left.

Go down further and you will see a half-open door. This is Underground Lab – B5. You have reached the final area where you will face the Behemoth.


How to defeat the Behemoth?

The Behemoth seems a cool creature, does not attack if you do not provoke him. To defeat hopefully you will be with your friends. Using Barret use some strong long-range attacks.

  • Horn
  • Center Body
  • Lower Body

There are three areas to focus on, the Horn, Center Body and Lower Body. Assign Barret to deal with the horns and you can focus on destroying its Lower Body. It is tough to dodge this monster’s attack, so be prepared if he starts chasing you. Carry enough health potions and heal your friends as well as yourself before entering into a fight. The lower Body part can be destroyed faster using strong attacks. It is necessary to lock the target so that your attack can cause maximum damage to the single part of the body.


The Behemoth will be staggered after his lower body is destroyed, this where you can run towards the Horn and start attacking it. Switch to Punisher Mode and use strong attacks. You won’t get enough time because his lower body will heal before he is back on his feet try to inflict max damage on the horns.

Continue repeating the attacks, Behemoths Tail attack is lethal and pretty hard to dodge in melee combat. This monster does not have enough weakness, the only way to bring it down is attacking the upper or lower body. This will give you one knockdown, and stagger the best. Also, be ready to use your Abilities.

The objective must be to cause max damage to the upper or lower body to stagger the beast. If you can cripple the body multiple times you can defeat Behemoth Easily in FFVII Remake. By crippling his body the Behemoth will not be able to use his tail. Also he cannot pounce on the targets, he will remain grounded and you can unleash maximum attacks easily.

You will need a lot of patience, health potion and a strategy to deal with Behemoth in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Usually it will be Cloud who will do most of the job. Attacking with Abilities is high important, and the damage amplifies if you use Abilities attack in the staggered mode.

Run away from the monster when you see a cutscene where he will cry. This will cause a small earthquake causing the cave walls to collapse. If you stand below you will loose a lot of health. This is the last part of the Behemoth Boss Fight.

FF7 Remake Unlock Wrecking Ball Weapon


  • Behemoths Horn
  • Wrecking Ball – Close Combat weapon capable of pulverizing the enemies with a sphere of solid steel. This weapon is for Barret.

So this is how you can defeat the monster and collect Behemoths Horn in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.