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FF7 Remake How To Complete The Party Never Stops Side Quest

Hilarious quest you cannot miss

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has a side quest The Party Never Stops which unlocks in Sector 6 Slums. It is a random quest that is unlocked when you pick the right choices while talking to other NPC’s in the game. So if you had started and does not know how to complete this quest, what are the rewards you will unlock, then read our The Party Never Stops Quest Walkthrough in FF7 Remake.

How to complete The Party Never Stops Side Quest?

FF7 Remake Party Never Stops Walkthrough

In the Wall Market region talk to the Clothing Store Owner first, he will ask Cloud’s help to bring his drunk dad back. This is where Part Never Stops Quest starts. Next, you will see Johnny, follow him to the bar. Enter Drunkard’s Den, after talking to Johnny and look on the right side of the Dart playing area for an old dude.

FF7 Remake Party Never Stops Walkthrough

Old due will tell you about this problem, follow Johnny. He will probably run like flash, just keep running towards the yellow side quest marker and you will find him. It is a kind of material shop, go inside and talk to the Material Vendor. To return the clothes vendor inspiration, he will ask to bring a mysterious thing from the Vending Machine.

FF7 Remake Party Never Stops Walkthrough

Select Yes for using Assess Materia to locate the secret button on the Vending Machine. Use the vending machine three times to finally get the sauce and then return to the Materia guy. He will reveal that the thing Cloud and Johnny are looking for is long gone.

The next place is a restaurant, meet Johnny first the entrance is locked. Enter and talk to the Restaurant Owner. He will ask about his food quality, you will have to answer him with good advice. Higher Level of Magic Materia means better advice, select Yes to proceed. Now there will be three options Stove, Fridge, and Power Supply.

The answer to the restaurant owners’ food quality question is “Stove”. Johnny will take a bit and he will enjoy his food. The Restaurant owner will give you a Medicine Voucher and a remedy. Find Johnny and help him. The next guy you will be talking to his the Pharmacist.

FF7 Remake Party Never Stops Walkthrough

The Pharmacist will ask Cloud a favor, he will ask you to deliver some medicines. Return to the first hotel where you found the old dude drinking and lost. Where he asked you to bring his inspiration back. Inside this hotel go to the toilet and right end of the Kitchen. Help the guy inside. Check the map screenshot above to return to the hotel.

The patient will give you A vial of Sedative. Return to the Pharmacist and you will get a VIP card. Return to the old dude back into the Drunkard’s Den. Talk to him and you will find the Honeybee Inn VIP Card was his inspiration. Return to the Clothing Store, from where you started and talk to the Owner’s son. He will give you a bottle of Turbo Ether.

That’s it after going through so many things you will be able to complete this question.