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How To Complete Secret Medicine Quest In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Help the doctor.

Here is an FFVII Remake Secret Medicine walkthrough that will help you to help the doctor in Sector 5 Slums. To complete this side quest you will have to collect three items, Behemoth Horn, Medicinal Flowers, and Moogle’s Mortar. They are located on different places and can be time consuming if you do not know where to search. To help you, here is a guide on how to complete Secret Medicine Quest In Final Fantasy 7 Remake.


Secret Medicine Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Secret Medicine Quest

In Sector 5 Slum Area in the Center District there is a Doctor who needs your help. Secret Medicine Quest will start as soon as you find this guy. Talking to him will unlock Doctor’s list that consist of three ingredients. The objective is to find all three items one by one and return to the Doctor.

1. Moogle’s Mortar Location: Sector 5 Slum

FF7 Remake Moogle Mortar Location


To find Moogle’s Mortar in FF7 Remake go to Children’s secret hideout – The Moogle Emporium. Talk to the boy in bunny dress, his name is Moggie. From the Doctor’s location walk right, turn left and cross two huge pipes. Turn right walk till the end for next intersection. You will reach a 4-way kind of path, take a right turn. Stop at the road, on your left there will be a house or shanty carved in a drainage pipe. It’s just a house in round shape. There is a white arrow sign on its left, you will have to slide through the narrow alley and you will be in The Moogle Emporium. Talk to the boy and purchase the first item of the recipe Moogle’s Mortar.

2.Medicinal Flowers Location: Sector 5 Undercity Church

FF7 Remake Medicinal Plant Location


To find the second item of the Secret Medicine Recipe you will have to use Sam’s delivery station to reach Undercity Church in Sector 5. From Moogle Emporium return on the streets and walk right for a Sam’s Delivery Point, a kind of fast travel point. If you are coming from somewhere else then just follow the wings sign on the map. Go to Sector 5 Undercity Church, the stablehand will drop you right outside the church building. In the Church the medicinal flowers are on the floor near the tiny garden.

3.Behemoth Horn Location: Sector 6 Undercity – Evergreen Park

The last and final piece of puzzle for FF7 Remake Secret Medicine Side Quest is located in Sector 6. Using Sam’s Delivery Station go to Sector 6 Undercity – Evergreen Park. Talk to Wymer, is standing right outside the station. Talking to him will unlock Subterranean Menace Quest. Only after completing this you can get the Behemoth Horn. Check our guide on how to defeat Behemoth Boss to get the final item.


You will have to return to Sector 5 Slums and talk to the Doctor to complete Secret Medicine Side Quest.


  • Telluric Scriptures Vol. III
  • 10 SP – Aerith
  • HP and MP fully restored

This is how you can complete the Secret Medicine Side Quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Stay tune for more updates.