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Graveyard Key Location Revealed In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake isn’t just a remake but it feels closer to what you remember playing Final Fantasy 7 for the first time in the ’90s. There are tons of side quests and things to do in the game. Every location has a distinct feature but one location stands out a bit is the graveyard.

When you first encounter the graveyard, you will find it locked and this guide will show you where to find the Graveyard Key in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.


Where To Find The Graveyard Key In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

As you play along with the storyline in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you will keep meeting newer characters in the game, one important character to finding the Graveyard Key is Aerith and she will literally take you to the place.

As you progress in the storyline, you will follow Aerith who takes you through Sector 5 slums after the showdown early on in the game.


To find the Graveyard Key you will need to follow Aerith until you reach an NPC called Moogie. This NPC runs a shop called Moogle’s Emporium.

Here you can purchase the Graveyard Key, giving you access to the Graveyard, but you won’t be able to purchase the Graveyard Key by spending Gil, the in-game currency.

You will need to spend one Moogle Medal to get the Graveyard Key from Moogie, Moogle Medals are random drops in the game and by this point, you should have a couple of them if you haven’t discarded them already.


All you have to do here is exchange One Moogle Medal for the Graveyard Key, once you have the graveyard Key you will be able to unlock the area and you will find a couple of side quests there waiting for you.

Moogle is an important character when it comes to buying things that you will need for side quests, check out our guide on how to get the Moogle’s Mortar.

This is all there is to know about how to get the Graveyard key In Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Make sure to check out other guides as well.