FF7 Remake Missing Children Side Quest Walkthrough

By Raaj
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Ms. Folio is one of the NPC in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, talking to her will unlock Missing Children Side Quest. The objective of this mission is simple, find all the lost children’s back who went on patrol. In this FF7 Remake Missing Children Walkthrough, you can find map location of all children and an easy way to complete the quest.

Missing Children Side Quest Walkthrough

FF7 Remake Missing Children Walkthrough

It is easy to identify Ms. Folio, she is standing near Chadley in the Central District. Talk to her and you will unlock the Missing Children Sidequest. The objective is to locate one lost children and here is his map location.

FF7 Remake Missing Children Walkthrough

After talking to Ms. Folio, walk to the left end until you see two paths. This is the same place where you will find a Journalist who will give you Corneo’s Stash side quest. Turn right and reach Nuts n Bolts hill. As soon as you cross a tunnel, go right and unlock a door. You spot the first child standing right at the end of a massive ground. His name is Oates.

Eliminate a few monsters and all the childrens will appear. You will unlock Time Materia by helping the kids. This is how you can complete Missing Children Side Quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.