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FF7 Remake Whack A Box Guide – How to Get 30000 Points

Being fast is not enough, be smart is!

In Final Fantasy 7 Remake Whack a Box is one of the mini-game, where you will have to get 30000 points before the time runs out. You will get 1.30 Minutes to earn thirty thousand points by breaking the boxes. There are three red boxes that add 10 seconds each giving you a total of 2 Minutes time to collect the points. So here is a guide on how to get 30000 points in Whack a Box in FF7 Remake. I had added some important tips that will help you to easily complete this mini-game.

How to earn 3000 Points In Whack a Box Quest?

Here are some important points that will help you to complete this quest. Before you enter the right weapon, the right ability and which boxes to target first will save time. It is necessary to focus on the right boxes first and use proper weapons to finish this quest fast. Below are the different types of boxes.

  • Small Yellow Boxes – 50 Points each.
  • Small Blue Boxes – 100 Points each.
  • Small Red Boxes – +10 Seconds time.
  • Big Blue Boxes – 1500 Points each.

Small Yellow and Small Blue boxes can be destroyed fast. With a few hits, you can break them faster and grab 50 and 100 points from each.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Whack a Box Quest guide

1. When the quest starts the first lot of Yellow boxes will be in front of you with few blue boxes in the center. Break the first one on the left and right sides. Two pairs of 50 points yellow boxes. Break these two will give you 400 Points.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Whack a Box Quest guide

2. Turn right and break 3×50 yellow boxes with one red. You get +10 seconds added to your clock. Continue on this path to break a 1500 point box. This will take a little time, so use the weapons ability.  Be fast, use the dodge ability instead of running to save some seconds.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Whack a Box Quest guide

3. On top, you will see a lot of 50 points yellow boxes and a red box, grab that to add 10 seconds to the clock. You will be somewhere around 5800 points.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Whack a Box Quest guide

4. Return fast to the starting point, keep dodging and break the remaining boxes in the center. Then target the next 1500 point box. You will be somewhere around 10000 points after breaking all the boxes in the starting area.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Whack a Box Quest guide

5. After breaking the 1500 point big blue box you will see small access to a shack blocked by the boxes. Break them and look on your left for another 1500 point box. There is a red box behind it, break everything here for points as well for +10 seconds.

6. Break one from the two 1500 boxes in your way, after this, you will unlock an open area of this mini-game. There are all boxes around the target, break the red one first to get 10 seconds.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Whack a Box Quest guide

7. There will be two more 1500 boxes blocking your way, break one of them. Use triple-slash ability to break it fast. This is the final area and you will also see a red box. So focus on that first to get +10 second and be quick to break all the remaining small blue and yellow boxes in the area.

Breaking small boxes in the final area is best to complete this quest. Big boxes require time, so you have to pick wisely. Around 3 to 4 big blue boxes with 1500 points are enough, focus more on getting the Red boxes for additional time and the yellow/blue box for increasing your score count.

Best Weapon and Ability to complete Whack-a-Box Quest

Iron Blade with Triple Slash ability, will help you to break the 1500 points boxes fast. Braver ability is good but sometimes it is frustrating and requires more hits. Point your weapon properly and use the Triple Slash ability to break the big blue boxes. It will consume one portion of your ATB Gauge that will refill back after some time.

Using the tips in this guide will help you to complete Whack-a-Box Quest in Final Fantasy VII Remake.